We have made a few visits to the Disney World over the last few years and we have had the experience of staying both off site and at the Disney Resorts. Last year we stayed at the Cars section of the Art of Animation Resort and my most recent visit to Disney for the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration gave me the opportunity to stay at the Contemporary Resort for a few days and the All-Star Movies Resort for the second half of the week.I will be sharing reviews of the resorts in time, but for now I wanted to share my ten reasons for staying at a Disney Resort when visiting Disney World:

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  1. The Magical Express: The Disney magic starts right at the airport when you book the Magical Express! This is a free bus that will take you right to your resort. If you use the provided luggage tags, you can also skip the baggage carousel because Disney will collect your bags and have them delivered to your room.
  2. Special Treatment: When you make your Disney resort reservation you are asked if you are celebrating anything special. It can be a birthday, anniversary, first visit to Disney or anything that you feel is worth celebrating. When you check into your resort, you will be presented with a button to wear sharing your celebration!
  3. Key to the World Card: Your room key does so much more than just open your door! You can elect to add purchasing privileges to some or all of the room keys, making it easy for your family to purchase meals, souvenirs, etc while out in the parks. Your Key to the World gets you into the parks during extended hours, stores any dining plan purchases you’ve made and enables you to get FASTPASSes in the parks.
  4. Fun hotels and activities: Each Disney resort is uniquely decorated for it’s theme. The Art of Animation and All-Star Resorts are so fun for the kids with their larger than life statues, and there is always something exciting happening around the pool. The resorts I have stayed in had arcades, food courts or restaurants and shops as well.
  5. Extended park hours : Each day one of the Disney theme parks will have extended hours either in the morning or at night that are just for resort guests. These hours allow you to visit the park when it is not busy, which means you can get on your favourite rides faster!
  6. Transportation: Disney has it’s own transportation system. From your resort, you can hop on a bus to any of the Disney theme parks, water parks and even Downtown Disney. Each park has a bus depot to take you to another park or back to your resort, and some resorts offer ferry or monorail transportation as well.
  7. Fun wake up calls! I set a wake up call every morning and each time I was greeted by one of my beloved Disney characters blasting me for not being downstairs on time…before apologizing for calling the wrong room. It made me giggle every time, and it certainly made getting up more fun!
  8. Purchases delivered right to your door: If you find the perfect gift while you are out in the parks, you can have it delivered right to your room. This means you don’t have to carry purchases around all day!
  9. Take a rest during the day: Disney is exciting and it can also be exhausting! When you stay at a Disney resort you can take a bus back to the resort for a midday rest before tackling more fun.
  10. Great sales and discounts: If you like the Disney World facebook page and follow blogs like mine, you will discover great discounts and sales for Disney Resorts. Visit the Disney site to see the great room discounts and free dining offer that is available now!


I was invited to the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration and I was provided with discounted tickets and accommodations. I was not required to share this post and my opinions are my own.

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  1. I love the perk of having the resort open to just people who are staying in Disney Resorts! What a great way to tour a park with alot less people around!

  2. I think the extended park hours and being able to rest when you want to makes it worth it right there! We’ve been to Disneyland and would love to get to Disneyworld in the next few years!

  3. I’ve never stayed at at Disney Resort, but I’ve always wanted to. Will have to consider this, as we are probably going to take the kids to Disney soon… would be so much fun!

  4. I love staying at a Disney resort hotel. It’s like the magic doesn’t end when you leave the park!

  5. I stayed at the Grand Floridian last week and they treat all of their guests like royalty. 🙂

  6. looks like a lot of people are going to Disney this year! i would definitely stay at one of their resorts

  7. I just love everything Disney does, they never do things halfway. It’s always guaranteed to be an amazing time.

  8. The extended hours and transportation are most appealing to me. I totally wish I could afford to stay in them!

  9. We’re going to make a big trip to Orlando in a few years & when we do we are totally staying at a Disney resort!

  10. Oh these are great! We went many many years ago, and stayed there. Getting in the parks early was wonderful! We had all our rides done by 5pm and were able to go back to our room and order pizza! Was the most enjoyable time…we were not exhausted like normal having to stay till close to get on all the rides!

  11. I don’t believe I have ever been to a resort (traveled a lot as a child, though), but that sounds pretty exciting, especially a Disney resort! 🙂

  12. My 4yo has been begging me to take her to Disney World. I keep telling her we can’t afford it, so now she’s saving up money. She has $15 in her piggy bank from her birthday. Boy, she has NO idea how much more she’s gonna need to save up for our family of 4 to make it to Orlando.

  13. It definitely sounds like if you can afford it, it’s definitely worth it! They seem like they do customer service right!

  14. I love to take the grandkids. Took the children when they were young and would love to see how it has changed.

  15. I always stay at one of the monorail resorts when I go. It’s just so nice to hop back for a break so easily! I stayed at the Grand Floridian last week and wow, what a beautiful place that is!

  16. We’ve stayed both on and off property. It depends on what else we are doing on our vacation, if we’re only doing Disney then we stay on site, if we’re planning on visiting other parks or attractions then we’ll stay off property.

  17. We have never stayed at a Disney resort but we are planning to the next time we go so we can get the complete Disney experience!

  18. I have been to Disneyland countless times but have never stayed at an actual Disney Resort. After learning all of these great benefits, I may have to look into this further for our upcoming trip this winter.

  19. I’ve been trying to persuade hubby that we need to take our son to Disneyland (or World) before he’s much older. These are all great points to argue my case!

  20. Wow, those are some really great perks for staying at a Disney Resort. I especially like the great sales and discounts and Purchases delivered right to your door! But I am most interested in the extended park hours, that sounds wonderful. Thank you for sharing.

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