There are many Canadian stereotypes out there and some of them are true. Here are fifty ways that you might be showing your Canadian side.

  1. You can turn any statement into a question simply by adding “eh” to the end.
  2. Poutine is a staple in your diet.
  3. Mayonnaise is a perfectly acceptable condiment for french fries.
  4. No brunch or picnic is complete without butter tarts.
  5. You buy milk in bags instead of jugs or cartons (although you can buy those too).
  6. You like your beer strong.
  7. You have ordered a double double before.
  8. When you order iced tea, you expect it to be sweet.
  9. Timmies is a way of life.
  10. You buy Kraft Dinner, not mac and cheese.
  11. You leave some of the most generous tips for servers.
  12. You wear a toque out of necessity, not for fashion.
  13. Your wardrobe consists of clothing for four seasons: hot as hell, bitter cold, rainy, comfortable (this should be your smallest collection but you’re an optimist so it takes up the most room).
  14. All of the boots in your house have salt stains on them.
  15. You call a case of beer a 2-4.
  16. You bump into a table and say “sorry”.
  17. You cut off a car and say “sorry”, even though they can’t hear you.
  18. Someone bumps into you and you say “sorry”.
  19. You internally chastise yourself for apologizing to someone who bumped into you.
  20. A trip south in the spring leaves you red-faced and drenched in sweat while your southern friends are chilly.
  21. You quietly mock southerners wearing winter coats and hats in 15 degrees Celsius.
  22. You understand Celsius.
  23. You are the only ones laying on the beach in Florida in February.
  24. Vacations can go two ways for you: sunshine or skiing.
  25. You are both proud of and embarrassed by Justin Bieber’s citizenship.
  26. You are fiercely protective and proud of Michael J. Fox, William Shatner and Ryan Gosling.
  27. You own a pair of ice skates, whether you can skate or not.
  28. Ice skating was a part of your school gym routine, whether you liked it or not.
  29. Hockey has played some role in your life even if it just being a hockey widow.
  30. You know curling is not just for hair.
  31. You have fallen on the ice more times than you can recall.
  32. You complain about your healthcare but wouldn’t trade it for the world.
  33. You are outraged that you had to pay $30 for a fibreglass cast when you broke your arm (okay, this is one that actually happened to me…the Americans around me teased me for days).
  34. You know someone who carries a medical marijuana card.
  35. You know that S.A.D. is a real disorder and you probably have it.
  36. You own at least two snow brushes.
  37. All of your vehicles have two sets of tires, winter and all-season.
  38. Some of your friends are mortal enemies with each other just because of the hockey teams they cheer for.
  39. You place more value in a penny as a home decor item than currency.
  40. Loonies and toonies are taking up space in your pocket/wallet/purse.
  41. You get offended if someone implies Canadians say “aboot” instead of “about”.
  42. You celebrate Thanksgiving in October and only consider it a day to devour great food.
  43. You celebrate May 2-4, and rarely on the 24th.
  44. You check the radio/website every winter morning to see if it is a snow day and check for road closures.
  45. You have swam in more indoor public swimming pools than outdoor.
  46. There is an emergency kit in your car, complete with candle for heat.
  47. You own at least one red shirt with a maple leaf on it.
  48. You know as much or more about American politics as you do about Canadian politics.
  49. Boots can be a fashion choice but they also must be rated for -30 degrees Celsius and have decent treads.
  50. Every July 1st you go to a BBQ and watch fireworks.

Do you have any ways your Canadian side is showing to add to the list? Any that just don’t fit?

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  1. I had a laugh reading these but so many of them are true, it’s really quite astonishing how many fit me too 🙂

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