Canadian tourism is drastically underrated. Time and time again I read travel bucket lists that are missing any Canadian destinations. While I would love to keep all of our incredible sights to myself, that just would not be fair to everyone else in the world! My most recent Canadian stop was Mont Tremblant in Quebec. Surrounded by miles of lush green mountains and forestry, Mont Tremblant is an idyllic Canadian village with unlimited things to do and see during all seasons. It is also the perfect representation of Canada.

Here are eight ways that Mont Tremblant is perfectly Canadian:

Mont Tremblant is Bilingual

Of course all of Canada is technically bilingual in english and french, but the majority of the country is english speaking. Quebec is our french speaking province and it seemed that french was the first language for most of the staff at Mont Tremblant but that didn’t make things challenging for families like ours who are not french speaking. Signs, menus and instructions were available in french and english, and every staff member we encountered was able to speak to us in english, with charming french accents.

There are glorious mountain views 


Canada is known for our mountain ranges and you don’t have to go west to enjoy them. Mont Tremblant is known as the Crown Jewel of the Laurentians, and from the summit you can see miles and miles of the green rolling hills in the Laurentian mountain range. The lakes popping up between the mountains just add to the beauty.

Ride the Skyline Luge 


The traditional luge is a two person sled that originated in Switzerland but the concept of racing down an ice track in a sled just feels Canadian to me. Mont Tremblant brings a piece of winter fun to the summer with this fun warm weather version of the luge. Riders grab a helmet and take a lift up the mountain to go on the ride of a lifetime. Small children can ride with a parent and older kids can drive their own luge past obstacles and down to the bottom of the mountain. You won’t want to do it just once!

Fishing on the Lake

Canadians are known for our calm demeanor and there’s nothing quite as calming as taking the boat out on the lake to do some fishing. There are guided fishing tours available for families or do some fishing on your own for landlocked salmon, muskie, bass and lake trout. Fly fishing is another option for those who prefer to catch from the shore, and of course there is ice fishing in the winter months.



Quebec is the birthplace of poutine and you can find every variety of it at Mont Tremblant. Most restaurants carry at least one type of poutine and some places offer choices such as traditional, pulled pork poutine, poutine with guacamole and salsa, bacon on poutine and so many more options! Did I finally try poutine? Yes, and I didn’t hate it. Considering that I only like crispy french fries and I’m not a big fan of gravy, I would say that is a win. I only tried the traditional poutine though so I may need to give some other varieties a chance on a future visit.

Magnificent Trees


You are hard pressed to explore Canada and not come face to face with some fir, spruce and pine trees. They range in size but the trees covering the Laurentians are generally tall and full. The varying degrees of green and blue create a beautiful landscape in the summer months, while the winter shows off with sparkling white trees everywhere.

Le P’tit Caribou 


Le P’tit Caribou is a bar known for it’s exciting nightlife. It was recently renovated and reopened with a new focus on appetizers and cocktails through the day and dancing at night. It boasts the rustic decor that many Canadians adore and it was named best après-ski bar in Eastern North America for over ten years in a row by Ski Canada magazine. Forbes Magazine ranked Le P’tit Caribou the fourth top après-ski bar in the world. This is one stop you won’t want to skip when visiting Mont Tremblant.

Out of this World Ski Hills 


People come from all over the world to ski these slopes in the winter months, but don’t discount them in the summer! These winter ski slopes transform into challenging hiking trails, mountain biking trails and the most ideal place to take in the incredible views in the area. Brave visitors can also zipline over the treetops in the summer months.

If you are looking for the quintessential Canadian getaway, Mont Tremblant needs to be on your short list. You will not be disappointed!

28 Replies to “8 Ways Mont Tremblant is Perfectly Canadian”

  1. Wow…it looks like a gorgeous place to visit and I agree very Canadian especially the Poutinerie 😉

  2. Growing in Montreal, I made lots of trips to Mont Tremblant with my family as well as school. It is such a wonderful place to visit any season of the year.

      1. Thanks. That was one of the places we were looking at. Maybe it was all your beautiful photos, but we are planning to go at the end of August. Our daughter lives in Ottawa and its just a stones throw, so before she goes back to teaching, we plan to have a little 4 day holiday. Thank you for all you shared about Tremblant, truly appreciated.

  3. Looks lovely! I’ve never been to quebec. I too would not be able to speak it, except a couple words. I do like poutine, but I never never tried anything other than original, but I love gravy. Looks like a great ski hill tooo.

  4. As Canadians, we do not appreciate the beauty, vastness and grandeur that is our country. Canada and its locales is on the bucket list of so many international visitors! I love this country and this year my list includes a road trip within Canada and a trip to a major city which I have never explored. 🙂 Great blog article.

  5. Mont Tremblant looks amazing! So much beautiful nature everywhere! I’ve never been, but maybe some day!

  6. My mother in law absolutely LOVES going on mini getaways to Mont Tremblant. She talks about it all the time. I really do need to check it out for myself. Maybe the next time I’m in the area….

  7. I cannot wait to go there one day with my family. My girls are a bit too young right now but when they get a bit older we are going for sure!

  8. Wow, Canada really has some amazingly beautiful places to visit. It makes me realize how little of this wonderful home country I’ve really seen & should definitely take the time to tour. Canada Rocks!

  9. I’ve only been in winter and it’s wonderful. Once my kids are a little bit older we will start taking them. I highly recommend going to Le Scandinave Spa when you are in Tremblant.

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