When we went to Florida a couple of weeks ago, and one of the things we did while we were there was visit some theme parks. We spent one day at The Magic Kingdom in Disney World and one day at The Islands of Adventure at Universal Studios.

The Magic Kingdom was a dream come true for Avery especially. She has been dreaming of Cinderella’s castle since she found out we were going to Florida, and seeing the excitement in her eyes when she finally laid eyes on it was incredible. I love how magical it was for her.

It was Walt Disney’s birthday on the day we visited, so we had the extra privilege of seeing some special birthday parades and street parties with many of our favourite characters including the cast from Toy Story, Chip and Dale, Mickey and Minnie and so many more. We had a great time watching performances at the castle too. Here is a brief clip of one of the shows we watched.

The music and dancing and characters at Disney make it a truly magical place. We had so much fun just being there. Griffin was so happy to meet Buzz Lightyear. He wouldn’t go up on his own, but he was grinning ear to ear about that meeting!

And then there were the rides! I love that Griffin was able to go on most of the rides. Splash Mountain was a favourite for all us. We had no idea that there was so much to that ride! It was a hot day and we thought we were going to cool off a bit when the ride went down the water falls, but instead we went on a long ride where we saw fun things and cooled off in the caves, as well as getting a little bit wet on the ride. Everyone wanted to go on it again. We used the Fast Pass so that we wouldn’t have to stand in long lines too, which made the day a lot more enjoyable, especially when you have small children with you!

Watching a parade

The Electric Parade was phenomenal. The lights, the music, the floats, everyone’s favourite characters…it was perfection. We found a decent spot to watch too, with some help from a friendly cast member who saw us looking for a spot to watch the parade and directed us to the best area. Here is a video of the parade. It’s long, but you will have happy music in your head all day if you watch the whole thing 🙂


The day was finished off by some amazing fireworks (we were not in a good videotaping spot for them so I chose to enjoy them rather than try to tape them), and I caught a quick video of the gorgeous lights on the castle.


We are already thinking about when we can make our next trip to Disney World, and this time we will visit some of the other parks too. I’m sure Kellen would love Hollywood Studios and my husband would enjoy Epcot. It’s fun to have something to look forward to!



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  1. how fun!! We are taking my daughter to Disneyland next year – I can’t wait to see how excited she is. Looks like you had an amazing time!

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