On the Labour Day weekend, my family and I had the opportunity to visit Bingemans for camping and fun at the waterpark. Although it is not far from where I live, I have never visited Bingemans before, so it was a new experience for all of us and we were looking forward to it.

We weren’t in for your normal camping experience though, they arranged something special for us: a glamping yurt. If you like funny words and a unique camping experience, the Glamping Yurt is for you! I think that my kids found every opportunity to say “yurt” that they could find while we were there, but we were also amazed at the luxury that we found inside of this odd shaped building.

The Glamping Yurt is a circular building that is surrounded in vinyl. There are two screen windows that can be covered to protect you from the rain by zipping up the clear vinyl pieces in front of them. There is a clear dome at the top of the yurt, which comes complete with two beds, two love seats, nightstands, a table, a fridge and a chandelier! Even the bedding is included, which makes for lighter packing for the camp. Talk about luxury camping!

On the site that the yurt sat, there was room to put up a tent if we wanted to, and there was a small deck space that stepped out to our fire pit and the lake. It was really beautiful, as you can see from the picture below (you can see an enhanced copy of it here). Unfortunately, it rained the majority of the time that we were there, so we didn’t get a chance to have a fire or really enjoy that part of Glamping, but I know it would have been great. We did find out that the yurt was 100% waterproof, even when it thunder stormed and poured rain.

My only real complaint at the Glamping Yurt was the lack of privacy. There is no privacy covering for the windows, and there were people walking past our site to get to the lake, so we couldn’t change our clothes inside without risking giving someone a show. If I were to camp in the yurt again, I would bring something to put over the windows so we wouldn’t have to go to the washroom to get dressed.

At the Bingemans campgrounds, there was a pool and mini golf just for campers. I saw a laundry building, and of course there were showers and washroom buildings.

One of the best things about camping at Bingemans is that it is next door to their water park, Big Splash.

Take a look at the water park at Bingemans…

15 Replies to “A great family getaway at Bingemans”

  1. what an interesting building. I think if I ever were to go camping or shall I say get forced to go I wouldn’t mind staying in one of those.

    I’ had to chukkle at the open window part that just seems like something that would of been a given maybe a drop down cloth or roll up cover or something. Thankfully you had the bathroom to change in or u would of been in the same clothes all weekend or work out something where someone holds a blanket up around u so you can change clothes. lol oh boy

  2. WOW that looks awesome for the kids I love that. they could get lost in there for hours. DO they have internet access. I could let them loose and surf the web while they have a blast lol wonder how far that is from us

    1. There was not wifi in the yurt, and I’m not sure about the waterpark. There was a room at the camp office where you could use the wifi if you needed to, but I just used my data plan.

  3. This would be a welcome alternative to regular camping. The kids have always wanted to go camping but I don’t feel too comfortable on the ground, but I would not mind giving this a try!

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