zipliningDiscover the FUN of outdoor adventure! Adventures Unlimited offers  Canoeing, Kayaking, Tubing, and Camping  along Coldwater Creek past secluded, sugar white sandbars, through Blackwater River State Forest of Northwest Florida .  Zip on the canopy tour, on Zip Adventures at Adventures Unlimited’s Coldwater Creek Headquarters near Milton, Florida. Rent a cabin or cottage, spend a weekend in the Adventures Unlimited campground.

On day two of Brandcation, we set off to do what we were all anticipating…ziplining! I was maybe fearing it a little more than anticipating it, but I was determined to give it a try so that I could say I tried it and did my best.

My group was the first to go, and we set off with our guides, Jacques and Kevin. We started at the practice zip, where we learned how we would be hooked in to the line. Kevin explained just how strong the equipment is, and showed us how they back it up anyway so there is no way we could get hurt. He showed us how to hold on to the line and how and when to slow ourselves down during the zip.

One by one we went across the practice line. I am so proud of our group because every one of us tried it! Next we had to climb a high tower to do the next zipline. This time Jacques showed us how we will always be attached from this point forward, and we began our journey through the seven ziplines. Some were short, some were long, some went over water, and some were steeper than others. We went a little higher on each line too. Kevin kept it interesting by quizzing us with nature questions and telling us about some of the buildings and attractions in the area. Jacques and Kevin were excellent guides and their fun personalities really made the day great.

I hung my camera around my neck and caught a video of my last zipline. It is short and the zipline is loud…and you really can’t get what it’s like to be up there…but here is my video anyway.

After ziplining, we were shown a map on the wall and invited to put a pin in our home town to show we were there. I proudly pinned my part of Ontario, and took note that we need a lot more pins on the map! I hope that more Canadians make the trip to Adventures Unlimited and show that they were there.


 After enjoying a packed lunch from Adventures Unlimited, we loaded up into a bus and headed to the river for a three hour tubing adventure.This wasn’t as relaxing as I thought it would be, since we needed to paddle ourselves to stay in the middle of the river and attempt to avoid tree trunks and rocks under the water, but once I figured out the best way to maneuver my tube, I really enjoyed this time on the water. We had a couple of floating coolers that were full of water (but you could bring other beverages if you wanted), and many of us brought along water proof bags with snacks.


 I think that 32 women tubing down the river was quite the site! We came across some other people tubing or kayaking the river who asked if we were all together and what we were doing, so we had a chance to tell them about our blogs! It was also a nice to chat and connect with each other. I would love to go again, but I recommend wearing some swim shoes or running shoes in the water.

Adventures Unlimited offers camping, cabins, canoes, kayaks and challenge courses too. I saw many family enjoying the activities there, and I would love to bring my family someday.

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  1. It sounds so relaxing, but I can totally see why swim shoes would be a good idea!

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