They say the journey is half the fun, and I believe that wholeheartedly. Taking in the scenery on a road trip and making unplanned stops to see sights is what makes a road trip so special. While we take many road trips in our van, what I would really like to do is go RVing across the country.

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We have a large family and we choose to drive whenever possible because it is of course more affordable. It allows us to bring more of the things we want to have with us, and we get to see so many things that we would never see from an airplane. Unfortunately, it also means making many restroom stops between overnights in hotels and tent campsites, where we need to unload and reload our stuff at every stop. An RV would allow us to travel with a restroom (a priceless perk when taking a long trip with three children) and save on costly hotel visits. Rather than stopping at fast food restaurants or wasting precious road time in a restaurant, we could have our meals on the go. I would love to be able to continue to provide healthy homemade food during a road trip. We wouldn’t have to haul bags in and out at every stop, and best of all is that we could always bring our dog without worrying about being turned away at hotels.



I have been researching RVs for awhile and may start out renting one for our first RV trip. While I have nothing set in stone yet, ideally I would like to drive west and visit Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia before driving down the coast to San Diego and making our way home through the States. I have had the chance to visit some Western States, but I have never been through Canada and I think RVing would be the perfect way to do it. I think Canada is a beautiful country and despite living here I haven’t had a chance to see the prairies or the rich forestry I’ve heard so much about. I have never visited the Rocky Mountains or experienced everything Calgary has to offer. I want to roll down the highways and detour onto side roads to fully experience everything there is to offer.

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Tell us what you love most about RVing or if you’ve ever wanted to try it!

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  1. we talk about how fun it would be to do up North in the Yukon, as it is super popular there, and we miss it since we moved away.

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