The airport can be tedious for adults, so when you consider it from a child’s perspective, it is downright boring. But not to worry! I’ve got a few ideas for how you and the kids can make the time fly by while waiting to escape to tropical paradise.

First, start by making the packing fun and have each kid put together their personal bag for the airport and flight—with your supervision of course so as to avoid accidentally bringing the whole toy box. Also keep in mind of all those usual restricted items, or items that are too heavy. Since there’s normally a fair amount of walking in airports, make sure they pack in a small wheelie bag—which could actually double as a ride when they get tired!

Fun for kids 

To get you started, check out my list of favourite items to bust that boredom:

  • A book to read or an e-reader
  • Crayons or pencil crayons and a notepad
  • A journal to document the trip
  • Any homework that their teachers have asked them to do (maybe try to encourage them to get that out of the way first!)
  • A tablet, smartphone or computer, along with the charger and headphones
  • Some healthy munchies
  • A water bottle that they can fill (after they get through security)

Once through security, find your gate, hit the washrooms, and then the kids have ample time to test out their packed toys. Hanging out at a café or restaurant is also a good option to fill some of your time, or perusing the duty-free shops.

You can now officially ‘catch them all’ at the airport! That’s right Pokemon Go has taken up residence at airports, which now have multiple ‘Pokestops’ and ‘gyms’, and there are usually people placing lures to attract Pokemon. Drop your own lure and you have thirty minutes of Pokemon catching to fill your time.

When all else fails, take the kids to the windows and watch the airplanes land and take off. You can even make up a game to guess where people are going or coming from. Or, make up some trivia to learn more about the different kinds of airplanes on the runway. The airport is just the beginning of a great family adventure, so you want it to start out as a fun and memorable experience. With Sunwing, the entertainment continues as the kids can enjoy their Kidcation kids pack which includes an activity book, pencil crayons, beach volleyball, and a backpack perfect for toting around their toys. And, with all the latest kid-friendly movies, your little ones will never be bored from the airport to the destination.


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