Our last full day in California was spent at SeaWorld. We had never been to SeaWorld before, but we have visited a Canadian Marine life theme park in the past. We know that our favourite things at this type of park are the shows, so our main goal was to find out what shows we could see. We came across the One Ocean show with the Orca whales almost as soon as we arrived, so we went in to see Shamu.

This show was one of the best marine shows I have ever seen. The whales were beautiful and performed several great tricks, including soaking everyone in the first several rows around the tank. There were whales of all ages and sizes too, which was neat to see.

After leaving the show, we visited an aquarium and saw many amazing varieties of fish and sealife, and then we caught sight of the Bayside Skyride. I knew I wanted to do it, but Kellen needed a little convincing.

As you can see, he did agree and we enjoyed the amazing views of the park and of San Diego from the Skyride. It was spectacular and I’m so glad we did it.

SeaWorld has a new roller coaster called The Manta that looked pretty amazing. Kellen couldn’t be convinced to go on this, so we watched from the sidelines, and came across the flamingos while we did.

There were opportunities to touch the dolphins and starfish and several great shows and aquariums to visit. There was even a Penguin Encounter. Kellen’s favourite was the Shark Encounter. We saw some sharks swimming around in their pools, but them we walked through a glass tunnel where the sharks were swimming over us and all around. It was very cool!

We enjoyed some fun rides like Elmo’s Flying Fish and we really loved the SkyTower. On the SkyTower you enjoy a relaxing trip up while listening to a description of what you are looking at below. We had wondered about some of the sights from the Skyride, and while on the SkyTower we learned what everything was and we had a good look at other parts of the park that we hadn’t visited yet.

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  1. Your son is braver than I am, that sky ride is HIGH up there! The rest of the park sounds like fun, I would love to see an Orco show!

  2. Wow, my 8 year old would love this. Evan’s dream is to swim with the dolphins. Don’t think that I Killer Whales I would opt for. Looks like a lot of fun, on our bucket list. For my boy, Evan. Aahh to dream.

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