After our visit to the Toy Fair, we got to visit the animals at the Toronto Zoo. Griffin was excited to see the giraffes, but his brother thought it was funny to tell him that they were escaping, and Griffin believes him. If you ask him about his day at the zoo, he will tell you all about the escaping giraffes.

He looks like he's making a run for it

Have you ever tried to get five children to sit nicely on a Komodo Dragon for a picture? It’s no simple task.

This is one of Santa’s replacement reindeers that the kids got to visit. She wasn’t that excited to be there and used her antlers to throw grass at the kids at one point.

These two are just way too cool, lol.

My favourite spot at the Toronto Zoo is always the elephants. We arrived as they were being fed and had a chance to listen to the trainer talk about them.

The kids loved this huge aquarium full of all kinds of fish. The colours were beautiful.

I have been to the Toronto Zoo many times, but never in the fall before. The weather was perfect and the zoo was just beautiful with all of the leaves changing and falling. It even smelled beautiful. I will definitely be making more fall visits in the years to come.

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  1. I love the shot of the giraffes! What a fun trip! We’re planning on going to the zoo next weekend if the weather cooperates (and I mean not below 70).

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