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Stay, Eat, Go: Key West

Browse this short and simple guide to Key West to find a decent play to stay, some good places to eat and some fun things to do. We’ve left off all of the hype and just shared the nitty gritty in this...

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Get the Full Disney Experience through a Disney Resort

If you have ever stayed at a Walt Disney World Resort, you are likely dreaming about your next trip. Booking your Disney experience involves a lot of option so here are ten reasons that you will want to stay at a Walt Disney World resort: 1. The Magic begins right at the airport. The free shuttle will take you right to your resort, and deliver your luggage directly to your room. No waiting at the luggage carousel or flagging down taxis. 2. Royal treatment for special occasions When you make your Disney resort reservation you are asked if you...

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Understanding the Zika Virus

With summer upon us, many people are looking to use that vacation time and get away to tropical and exotic locations. While travel planning can be exhaustive, ensuring that you stay healthy during and after your trip is always a concern. If you are a young adult of child bearing age, the Zika virus is one that you need to know about. What is the Zika virus? The Zika virus was first discovered in the mid 1940’s. It is primarily spread through infected Aedes species mosquito bites but can also be sexually transmitted and spread from mother to fetus....

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Exploring Coorg

My travel bucket list is long and one of the longest standing countries on the list is India. In public school, I developed a close friendship with a girl from India. Her stories about her country painted a picture in my mind that I’ve always longed to see in reality.  I lost touch with my friend a long time ago and I believe she returned home to India after she completed her education, as that was always the plan. While I know it is highly unlikely I would ever find he there, I would still like to go and...

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Finding Peace and Dinosaurs in the Badlands

–Originally published in the St. Marys Independent– I was afraid. The trail was steep and smooth from a recent rainfall. I took a couple of clumsy steps down, slipped and gave into my own fear by retreating to the top. I was angry at myself and more than a little embarrassed, but rather than fall into self-pity I took the opportunity to breathe in the beauty of Horsethief Canyon from above.  A mama and baby prairie dog popped in and out of their den and I crept closer to capture their photos. The mama skittered away to a nearby...

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Grand Palladium Lady Hamilton Resort and Spa

Grand Palladium Lady Hamilton Resort Overview: The Grand Palladium Lady Hamilton Resort & Spa is an all-inclusive resort on the Jamaican north coast boasts stunning scenery that creates a backdrop to the soothing sounds of the ocean. It hosts 516 rooms that are divided into 13 villas, each with 6 one-bedroom suites and 30 junior suites. Date of visit: February 2016 Guests in our Party: 2 adults, 3 children Reason for Visit: Media Visit   Tipping Policy: Tips are not included in the booking price and are appreciated for good service. Click the tabs below to learn more about the resort....

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