As a frequent flyer, I know the value of being prepared. There isn’t anything worse than spending your vacation sick in your hotel room. Over on the Shoppers Drug Mart hub, I shared my list of travel essentials to ensure a worry free vacation.

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Be sure to pop over to the Life Brand hub to see my recommendations as well as more health and wellness information for travelers and others!


8 Replies to “Be ready for anything when traveling #GettheMostOutofLife”

  1. Great article! Always good to be prepared when you are travelling. I also make sure I pack items to help with minor illnesses etc so we don’t have to scramble to buy them if someone starts to feel unwell.

  2. I am always ready now when we travel and a small medical kit includes Benedryl now, very good tips!

  3. Very well written article. You never know when you need a first aid kit… especially hiking in the woods

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