If you are looking for a unique dinner experience for the whole family, Medieval Times is the place to go. At Medieval Times Toronto you will feel like you’ve stepped back through time to a place where Kings, Queens, Princesses and Knights abound (that would be the Medieval Times, of course).


Seeing medieval royalty is only a small part of the experience. You are entertained by dancing horses and a birds of prey show while a wench serves you your meal on metal dishes.


Staying true to the times, guests enjoy their rustic meal by eating with their hands. A delicious tomato soup can be sipped from the bowl, and the rest of the meal allows you to dig right in and eat with your fingers.


The real action begins when the Knights are introduced and the games begin. On our most recent visit, we were cheering for the yellow Knight. They test their skills with a joust by grabbing a small hoop with a ribbon attached in their first competition, and soon they moved on to actual jousting.


Soon the games turned into an epic battle, as my boys would say. Sword fights both on and off of the horses were fought to the bitter end. Guests are encouraged to cheer for their team and boo the opposing teams, resulting in a high levelΒ of excitement in the crowd.


The clanging of weapons with sparks flying off of them adds to the intensity of the battle. These Knights mean business! The excitement didn’t end for our section of the arena as our yellow knight fought long and hard, and was the winning Knight when all was finished.


Where else can you go for a meal, eat with your hands and shout from the table? It’s a great chance for the whole family to throw caution to the side and just enjoy themselves. Even though our knight doesn’t usually win, we have never been disappointed with a visit to Medieval Times.

One of my lucky readers will win four tickets to Medieval Times Toronto. Travel not included. Tickets are valid for six months.

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67 Replies to “Break all of the dinner rules at Medieval Times Toronto {giveaway}”

  1. We went to the Telling Tales festival on September 20th. Spent the day listening to authors and getting new books!

  2. We had a wedding to go to. After the wedding we discovered an open house at a Thai Boxing centre. My son played in a bouncy castle, made new friends, and just ran around for hours while we waited for the reception. A great day outside!

  3. I have a weird feeling you’ll be updating that question. But on the 20th we chased our new puppy around outside, a lot! And I took my son roller blading. πŸ™‚ We would LOVE to go to Medieval Times – never been and my son loves pretending to be a Knight – perfect! Thanks for the chance, Sheri!

    1. …and I would take my hubby, daughter and son! I love that they offer vegetarian options, something for all of us! πŸ™‚

  4. I would bring my boyfriend who told me he moved to Toronto 50% because of me, and 50% because of the proximity to a Midieval Times (which we still haven’t gone to!)

  5. I would take my Son, Daughter and Husband. My kids love to dress up and just so happen to have a princess and knight costume. They would be in their element what with their flare for dress up paired with exceptional finger food etiquette. I would love to see their little faces light up when they see the knights on horseback riding into the arena. Truly would be priceless. Thanks for the chance to win.

  6. I would take my family. Going to Medieval Times is their favourite restaurant. Where else can you be entertained and eat a delicious meal. Thanks for the chance to win.

  7. I would like go with hubby & kids. We’ve never been but would love to experience Medieval Times Toronto!

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