I’m always a little disappointed when I see a travel bucket list that hasn’t included any of our Canadian treasures. Canada is a beautiful country! Alberta has incredible mountain views and for the adventurous and athletic, there is no end to the activities you can do, even in the winter. Take a look at one of the most Canadian activities you can take part in…

I prefer to be in the cheering section than doing those winter sports, but my family members are definitely excited to take part!

About Alberta Canada

Located in the heart of western Canada, bordered by the Rocky Mountains to the west and prairies to the east, the province of Alberta is a holiday destination known for surprising even the most experienced travelers. The picturesque mountain towns of Banff, Lake Louise, Jasper and Canmore are revered by hikers and nature lovers for their awe-inspiring terrain, jaw-dropping vistas and abundant Canadian wildlife. From exploring Calgary and Edmonton, lively cities brimming with music, culture and nightlife, to discovering dinosaur fossils in the mysterious Canadian Badlands, visiting Alberta promises an experience like no other.www.travelalberta.com @travelalberta #ExploreAlberta

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  1. Alberta is absolutely stunning during the Winter! Whenever we have relatives come visit us, we always make sure Banff is on the must visit list.

  2. Ive never been there in Winter but we drove across Canada when were moving to BC many moons ago. we stopped there and enjoyed the sights.

  3. Western Canada is one of my destinations!! I’ve always wanted to go to out west and see the other side of our awesome country.

  4. Alberta is a great place to explore and we plan to do more staycations to do that. We are lucky to have such beauty nearby!

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