If you love lego like we do, you will enjoy a visit to Legoland located in Carlsbad, California. This was the thing that Kellen was most excited to do during our trip to California, so I was really hopeful that it would live up to his expectations. I didn’t need to worry though, because on the last day of our trip I asked him what he enjoyed most in California, and he quickly answered “Legoland”.

So what was the appeal of Legoland? It wasn’t the rides, although there were lots of them to enjoy. It wasn’t the water park, although it did look like a lot of fun. It was the incredible lego creations that we started to see before we even entered the park. I think Kellen could have stayed in Miniland the whole time we were there. In Miniland USA, you can visit New York City, Washington D.C., Las Vegas and even New Orleans.

In Miniland Star Wars, you can get your picture taken with all of your favourite Star Wars characters and experience all of the incredible battles from Star Wars, and some with moving parts too!

We really enjoyed how interactive Legoland is. There are buttons for making mechanical creations operate, and buttons to hear the sounds that go with some of the lego creations. There are sprayers in water play areas, rides that require you to pull yourself up or pump a handle to make your vehicle move, and there is even an xbox area where you can play your favourite Lego games. Since we own most of the Lego games already, and have our own Kinect to play with, we just looked around a bit and Kellen got his picture taken with Indiana Jones and Batman too!

There are several areas in the park where you can build your own lego creations. In one area you can build a car and race it down a ramp or just build some fun creations of your own. Kellen really enjoyed a scavenger hunt that was at Legoland. We went through a building full of amazing lego creations including animals and Egyptian landmarks in search of some keys. Once we found them all, we found our way out of the building. He liked this so much he wanted to do it twice!

Legoland has a water park that you can enjoy with the kids once you have had enough of the heat, and Sea Life is right next door if you want to visit there as well. We spent all of our time in Legoland enjoying the creations, but Sea Life looks like fun too! I think one of the big highlights for Kellen was the driving school. He hopped in a little car and followed the traffic lights and signs while he drove around the lego town.


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