Canada has many tourist treasures, and Calgary is no exception to the rule. The Calgary Zoo, Hertiage Park, and the Calgary Tower are all excellent family getaways in Calgary, as is Calaway Park, Western Canada’s Largest Outdoor Family Amusement Park. I love amusement parks, so this is one that I am especially interested in.


Calaway Park is Western Canada’s Largest Outdoor Family Amusement Park. The park opened its doors in 1982 and has grown from a small amusement park to one of Calgary and Western Canada’s best attractions and is now celebrating its 29th anniversary in 2010! The park spans 160 acres (operating on 90 acres) and has a collection of 34 rides! Featuring numerous attractions, rides for the thrill- seekers and top-notch live entertainment. Calaway is fun for the whole family!

This is no shortage of fun to be had at Calaway Park. The park features rides for all ages, games for any skill level, entertaining shows and exciting events. Here are some of of the highlights of Calaway Park.

Calaway Park has 34 different rides to keep your family enjoying the thrills all day long. Here is a small sampling of some of the exciting rides you will find at Calaway Park:

  • The Aeromax is your own personal crop duster that will soar to great heights (8 meters to be exact).
  • If you have never flown in an egg before, you will want to climb into one of The Eggs and take your first flight!
  • You will enjoy a some damp fun on the Bumper Boats, motorized inflatable rubber tubes that are equipped with sprayers.
  • Mind Blaster is the ultimate thrill ride. It rises and falls and spins, all while you and your friends hold on for your lives.
  • Small children can develop a love for thrill rides on the mini roller coaster, the Mini Express.
  • The Vortex is for serious thrill seekers who don’t mind ups and downs and upside downs!
  • The water log ride, Timber Falls, is a fun way to cool off on a hot day!


In between rides, you can catch a show at Calaway Park.  Right now the magical students of STORYBOOK HIGH are ready to share their high flying magical show. A Cinemagic 3D show can also be seen in the Showtime Theatre, which is a perfect break through the day.

If you are looking for a fun way to celebrate Halloween, you can come out to Calaway Park between now and October 13th for Halloweekends. Everyone can dress up in family friendly costumes to take part in a scavenger hunt and spooktacular rides.

To learn more about Calaway Park and other great family attractions in Calgary, head over to Visit Calgary.

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  1. wow, what a couple of days go past and wham, Calgary has snow. I feel for you and hope that everyone gets around safely, that 1st snowfall makes most drivers act like this is the first time they have driven a car

  2. I lived in Calgary for a year and never had the chance to visit Calaway Park! One of my regrets! I did get to go to the Stampede! And, that was amazing!!

  3. I have never to Canada’s Wonderland or Disney anything BUT I have been to Calaway Park many times!! I grew up in Bowness, (Calgary) actually I could see Canada Olympic Park out my living room windows!!
    Last time I went to Calaway Park was probaly 18yrs ago but it was awesome even back then!

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