Camping season is quickly approaching (I know, many of you die hards brave the cold and snow and still camp, but I’m a tenting mother of four…I need warmth) and we are thinking about where we plan to visit this year. We were planning a trip out East to PEI and Nova Scotia, but with the possible addition of three new family members (I’ll explain later, I promise) that trip may be put on hold.

As an alternative, I think that Niagara Falls is a good choice. The younger kids saw the falls for the first time last Canada Day, but it was night time and very busy due to the fireworks and celebrations so they didn’t really experience the Falls. I have camped in Niagara Falls a few times, and it is always a fun experience! There is MarineLand, the Falls, Clifton Hills, the Butterfly Conservatory and the awesome firework displays; and if you want to cross the border and visit the United States, it’s right next door with a whole new view of the falls. Oh, and there’s a casino too, but I’m always there with the kids, so I’m afraid I don’t know anything about it, lol.

Where do you like to camp? I would love to hear about any special attractions in your favourite camping spots…maybe they will become my favourite spots too!

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16 Replies to “Camping at Niagara Falls is always fun #KOACampfire”

  1. We camp at a lot of local places here in North Florida, but I would love to camp near Niagara Falls and actually get to see it.

  2. My husband adores camping and I have always wanted to see the Falls — guess we need to add this to our bucket list!

  3. I’m not a camper – never have been and never will be but I’d still love to see Niagra Falls.

  4. I have never been to Niagra falls, My family loves camping. In fact we just returned from a trip to Las Vegas, where we camped out by the Grand canyon. It was Beautiful! We booked our trip through a local Vegas site called Galavantier and they helped us plan our trip there. I couldn’t believe how much Las Vegas has changed! Anyways, I am hoping our next trip can be to see the beautiful big waterfalls! Id also like to do some white water rafting….that would be fun!

  5. It’s definite bias, but I always love the camping in the Pacific Northwest. It may be a little out of your range, being a busy mother, but if you get the chance to check out anything from Southern Oregon (Crater Lake) up through Washington, you will not be disappointed. Eight lakes basins in the Jefferson Wilderness is one of my favorites!

    Enjoy the season!


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