When I travel, I don’t want to be staring at the walls of my hotel room. I want to be out experiencing the area and making some memories that I can carry with me for the rest of my life. I really appreciate the beauty in nature, and what better way to experience it than to get outdoors and see what is out there!

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Massachusetts has no shortage of beautiful outside spaces. Beaches, harbours, gardens, trails and obstacle courses are found throughout the state. You will have to pace yourself when you visit! The hiking and biking trails are great for families and people who enjoy a relaxed pace. The beautiful scenery will have you in awe!


Bob and Lee Evans, Get Up N’ Go Biking & Hiking Adventures

This Boston-based couple gave up conventional transportation when they felt gas prices became unrealistic in the 70’s, and since then they have been participating in and leading mountain and road biking adventures, endurance rides, and even cross-country tours. They are certified to teach “smart cycling techniques” and to judge and referee races, and they enjoy mapping roads and trails in the Boston area. getupngoadventures.com

I enjoy a little adventure, and ziplining over the Massachusetts trees is right up my alley! There is skydiving for people who are braver than I am, and the obstacle courses sound like a lot of fun.


Skydive Pepperell

This excursion in the Greater Merrimack Valley is for true adventurers, not the faint of heart. Skydive Peperrell offers tandem skydiving, with 60 seconds of free-fall during a jump that lasts five to seven minutes. On average, skydivers plummet at 120 m.p.h. So, for anyone seeking a rush, Skydive Pepperell is the right choice. Transportation is available, as Skydive Pepperell provides free rides to and from Exit 8’s Boston Express Bus terminal.

Rugged Maniac

On September 29 and 30, Southwick will play host to this year’s Rugged Maniac, a grueling 5K (3.2 mile) obstacle course race. Rugged terrain combines with immovable objects, around which all contestants must navigate to finish the course. Licensed contractors devise the obstacles, which run the gamut from water slides to fire hazards. Upon completing the course, entrants will be treated to a memorable afterparty, one that will feature live music, good food and, of course, beer.


For people who prefer a more relaxing day out, the beautiful gardens in Massachusetts are a great choice. There are beautiful fountains and gardens statewide, historical sites with beautiful gardens and an annual Daffodil Festival in Nantucket that horticulturists would enjoy.

Nantucket celebrates the end of winter every year with the Daffodil Festival. April’s gentle sea breezes and warming sunshine coax new growth from the island’s sandy soil, adorning roadsides and gardens with an astonishing variety of daffodils. Come wear your daffy hat, watch the car parade, have a tailgate picnic and welcome spring!


I think a walk through some beautiful gardens would be a great way to finish up each day during your Massachusetts visit. Or you could charter a boat and sail the waters at sunset.

Captain Alan Leibovitz, Atlantic Charters

Captain Leibovitz built Atlantic Charters from a single sailboat charter to a full-service, family-fun sailing center in Marblehead Harbor. This self-taught jack-of-all-trades is not just a captain and businessman, but also a skilled sailing teacher and mechanic. His love of the ocean and passion for sailing have continued to grow through his entire life. atlantic-charters.com


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  1. I never really thought of Massachusetts as a vacation destination but maybe I will have to rethink that. From the pictures it looks really nice!

  2. I’ve only driven through Massachusetts. Would love to actually visit. I’ve seen your mad ziplining skills in person. 😉

  3. I have ALWAYS wanted to go NE and Massachusetts — it always seems SO gorgeous!

  4. I’ve always thought that Nantucket sounded like a perfect place for my husband and I to travel too! Thanks for putting the thought in my head again!

  5. What gorgeous photos! I’ve never been to MA before, would love to visit. And I’d love to (or at least I think I would) go ziplining. 🙂

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