I have shared my Circle Square Ranch experience, as well as my children’s experiences a few times, so most of my readers will be well aware of my adoration for this particular camp. What you may not know is that Circle Square Ranch offers three different leadership camps for teens aged 13-16.  The three camps are Route 4:13, 252 Crew and the Leadership in Training Course.

The cabins

Route 4:13 is a new camp for ages 13-14. It is a 2-week program designed for campers that are looking to go beyond the regular camp experience. This camp includes camp activities such as wall climbing, zip lining, high ropes, low ropes, a horseback riding session, archery, crafts, frisbee golf, nature studies, geocaching, option activities, swimming etc.. It also includes campfires and theme meals,  a camp-out, an out trip, spiritual teaching, and camp service days. This program was created to give young teens the chance to be led, taught, supported and challenged by Christian leaders. Teens in this program will learn important skills that will help them to grow as leaders. This co-ed camp is offered for one session this summer from August 3rd-16th.

252 Crew is a camp for ages 14-15. There are two sessions offered this summer: July 20th -26th (boys) and August 10th-16th (girls). This camp is the next step in the leadership development program. This unique program is designed to develop teens’ leadership abilities as they serve at camp from a ‘behind-the-scenes’ vantage point. They will learn about God and grow in community with friends and leaders as they do food preparation, housekeeping and maintenance. They will also enjoy camp activities like climbing, high ropes, a riding session, and archery. Hours served at camp in the 252 program count toward the OSSD’s required 40 hours of mandatory community service if a camper is entering grade 9. Certificates are issued at end of each camp session. What a fun way to earn your community hours!


The Leadership in Training Program is a co-ed 2 week session for ages 15-16. It runs from July 6th-19th and it is designed for teens that are interested in learning to become extraordinary servant leaders who will be influencers at camp and in their home, school or church communities. This program provides both spiritual and practical training. The Bible studies and character-building activities help teens deepen their faith and explore their questions about God while they learn everything from how to run a camp program to how to provide mentorship to a younger child. Teens in this camp will get to participate in many fun camp activities such as wall climbing, zip lining, high ropes, low ropes, a horseback riding session, archery, crafts, option activities, swimming, and more. They will also go on a few out trips, participate in campfires and theme meals, and job shadowing. Campers that have successfully completed their LIT program may be invited back for a third evaluation week in a support staff role. Because space is limited in this camp, LIT’s must complete an additional application and be accepted into this program.

Once teens are 16 years of age or older, they can apply to become a volunteer staff member. Volunteers are needed in many different areas, such as horse staff, kitchen, maintenance, counseling, day camp, adventure staff, and program staff. Being a volunteer staff members provides an excellent opportunity to grow as a leader and to grow spiritually. Many staff members come back year after year because of the amazing friendships they develop with other staff members and campers. Volunteer staff receive practical and spiritual training, mentorship, and get to have the experience of their lifetime. Teens and adults interested in working as a volunteer staff must apply and be accepted. On the application, volunteer staff can pick and choose what weeks they would like to work, whether it be 1 week or 9.

These are all great opportunities for teens to have a positive leadership experience this summer!

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  1. All of these camps look amazing! I wish I had gone to camp when I was younger; I definitely would have benefited from the experience!

  2. I hope that this program is still available when my girls are old enough to go. It sounds wonderful!

  3. These camps have amazing programs. I can’t wait until Miss K is old enough to attend.

  4. My oldest grandchild is 10, so it would be great for him in a couple of years. He is always able and will for an adventure like this camp has to offer

  5. My niece has been going to a leadership camp with Tim Horton’s for the past couple of years. The leadership skills she has obtained will guide her through her adult life

  6. Thank you for explaining to us the many facets about Circle Square Ranches. They seem to be wonderful places for young people to reach their potential-especially in leadership. I think the young people who attended these ranches were very lucky indeed.

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