comic conSan Diego’s Comic-Con International has been going strong since 1970. From its humble beginnings as a small group of comic book fans to its current glory as a multi-genre convention that attracts more than 100,000 people yearly, the convention is an important event in popular culture.It is also a big event for San Diego tourism, with many convention attendees looking to find tours in San Diego and explore the city while they are visiting.

But, why is it such a big deal? This article examines the convention’s impact on our entertainment industry.

Thousands of Special Guests

San Diego Comic-Con is not just about comics, it is a multi-genre convention that includes a huge range of pop culture, including manga, anime, toys, animation, collectable card games, video games, fantasy novels and Web comics. It is the largest convention of its kind in the Americas.

The big thrill of the conference for many is the chance to see brand-new films, as well as the opportunity to see their favorite actors, comic book artists, directors and other celebrities up-close and personal.

Some of the special guests who are slated to appear at this year’s conference include Jeffrey Brown, the New York Times bestselling author/cartoonist of “Darth Vader and Son,” and Gerry Conway, writer of The Amazing Spider-Man and the creator of many famous comic characters. Writer Neil Gaiman will be at the convention as well, along with Dan Parent, writer and artist for Archie Comics.

Be Up to Date

Comic-Con is the place to get “in the know” about every cool new film, comic, video game and other exciting new release. It is at this convention that many sneak previews and other exclusive footage are shown, and the hottest news of the newest releases is revealed.
After you return from Comic-Con, you’ll be able to let your friends in on all of the exclusive secrets you’ve learned about and what there is to look forward to in your favorite series or geeky universe.

Hard-to-Get Tickets

It is pretty much impossible to plan a spur-of-the-moment trip to Comic-Con, as tickets to this extremely popular event must be purchased at least months in advance. Keep yourself up to date on when the tickets go on sale, and make sure you are online at just the right moment.

When the tickets go on sale, they will usually disappear within 90 minutes. Tickets for the 2013 conventionwent on sale in February, and the event was completely sold out within an hour and a half. More than 100,000 people will attend Comic-Con, so that is a lot of tickets to sell in such a short time! If you are planning on attending next year’s conference, you will need to be ready with your finger on the button as soon as the tickets are released online again.

The lines for the convention are also ridiculous, stretching beyond the convention center and around the back of the neighboring hotel. However, this is a good opportunity to meet people and make new friends.

Too Touristy?

Some Comic-Con regulars who have been attending for many years believe that this event is becoming diluted from its original roots and has evolved into something too “touristy.”Granted, it can be quite frustrating to spend most of your day in line and to have to push through the busy crowds to see certain exhibits. Sometimes if you want to attend a particular panel, you need to head to the room hours in advance and sit through other panels that you might not be interested in.

However, if you are interested in pop culture, comic books, manga, anime or anything else gloriously geeky,Comic-Conis an exciting event that won’t disappoint. It is an amazing opportunity to meet your heroes and to have a lot of fun with other people who share your interests. If you are lucky enough to have tickets for next year’s event, prepare to fully geek out to the max.

About the Author: Erik Brown is a Web designer and anime fan who was lucky enough to snag tickets for this year’s San Diego Comic-Con and has been counting down the days until the big event.

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  1. Im not a big comic/anime fan so this sounds like a theme party for adults. Fun to dressup like at Halloween and checkout all the other people creative side. I’d be one of those tourist gawkers getting in the way lol!

  2. I am a HUGE geek and my dream is to attend ComicCon with my son, Connall, some day. I’m a newbie Browncoat but I’ve never been to any ‘con.’ One day, one day…..

  3. I’m not a comic book gal – but I would LOVE to go to a huge Comic-Con like that JUSt to see the costumes people put together! I am sure it would be an experience in itself!

  4. I have a friend who happens to be one of the ‘stars’ of Comic-Con every year, and from the stories and pictures he brings back it looks like a lot of fun!

  5. I’ve always wanted to go to this just to see everyone dressed up in costumes. I’m huge on people watching and bet it would be fun to do at Comi-con.

  6. My friends husband is huge into this. He has his dang action figures displayed all over their living areas.

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