Our visit to the North Market left us full and ready for some more fun, so we headed to COSI Columbus for a fabulous day of discovery.

About COSI

Space Area at COSICOSI is Columbus’ dynamic hands-on science center and was recently named the #1 science center in the country by Parents Magazine. COSI features more than 300 interactive exhibitions and over 100,000 square feet of exhibit space, a 7-story Extreme Screen Theater with the largest screen in Ohio, an outdoor science park, a special area for tiny explorers ages 0 through Kindergarten, and the country’s only high-wire unicycle. COSI also offers a variety of special events, family programs, camps, and more. For information about hours, rates, and more, visit COSI Real science. Real possibilities.

I am incredibly impressed with this science center. Every area had something for all ages, and all areas were hands on, which my kids love (although Griffin did attempt to try out a fire extinguisher on the wall since he was able to try everything else).

We started in the space section where we saw how astronauts wash their hands, use the washroom and eat. There were interactive seats where you can use a monitor and hand controls to practice landing a space shuttle or navigating in space. The kids made their own movies using props and still photos, and Griffin had a great time playing with a giant ball table.COSI

After the space center we visited the outdoor area where the kids made balls float on air, shot the same balls out of pipes, lifted a car using a pully, viewed an environmentally friendly house and spun a giant ball on water.

Putting pipes together

A water area had the kids most excited, especially when they saw huge water shooters where they tried to shoot the water into pots, or into the streams of the other fountains. They also got to put pipes together to build a plumbing system where they transfer the water from a spout in the floor into a bowl across the room. They loved the water area so much I didn’t think we would ever get to move on!Learning about the past

Probably the most popular event of the day for the kids was the submarine. There was a small yellow sub that you could climb into and look around. They all loved it!

We watched a demonstration about protecting your eyes, that included

Making the newssmashing bowling balls into barriers and explosions. It was a huge hit!  After the show, we continued through the Science Center to an area that showed displays of different eras. There was an old phone switchboard, a 60’s diner and several other sets that showed different times. Kellen was very interested in how the rotary phone worked, which made me feel a little bit old, but I enjoyed showing him. The kids found an old television set where they could sit at the news desk and read the prompter while the cameraman filmed the whole thing. This was a lot of fun!

Secure Waiting Area

We moved along and found a special kids area for children 5 and under. It was a secure area where we had to sign in and get a ticket in order to get out (the ticket showed how many adults and children entered). The bigger kids could not go into the kids’ area, but there was a special waiting area for them. Their waiting room had XBox with kinect, and a big variety of activities for them to enjoy.Avery loved building with the magnetic squares shown on the right.

water room

The room for the little kids was extraordinary. There were climbers and ball bins, a play helicopter and ambulance for role playing. There were giant blocks and a ball ramp for having races. For the convenience of parents, there were lockers and family washrooms, and a dining area at the back.

Ball races

A staff member was making bubbles with kids, and I saw a turtle and other creatures in their aquariums. It was a fairly quiet area, since only the little kids and their parents could go in, so it was a nice break too.

Aside from a huge variety and fantastic displays, COSI had a place to buy food, and many washrooms and fountains available throughout the building. We had such a great time at COSI, and we plan to come back and spend a full day there in the future. I highly recommend it to anyone who can get to Ohio!

To hear about the rest of our day in Columbus, visit HERE.

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  1. Oh my goodness my daughter would LOVE this place, if we’re ever in the Columbus area I’ll make sure we stop there.

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