Disney creates the most captivating villains. They have personalities that are larger than life, much like the nefarious plans they put together. Disney is coming out with new movies that feature these villains, showing their side of the stories and making it clear that they are often misunderstood. I’m not sure if that is the case for the famous fur-loving villain in 101 Dalmatians, Cruella de Vil. Whether there is some good in there or not, it was a lot of fun to create a Cruella de Vil disney bound.

cruellaWhat is Disney Bounding?

Disney Bounding is the act of dressing to represent a Disney character. It is not wearing costumes, but putting together an outfit that would be perceived as a regular outfit, but could also be identified as being reminiscent of a Disney character.

Disneyland and Walt Disney World both prohibit adults from entering the parks wearing costumes. This ensures that children do not confuse regular park goers with Disney characters. Disney Bounding began when a Disney enthusiast wanted to show her love of Disney characters, without breaking the dress code rules of the Disney Parks.

Cruella de Vil Disney Bound

I can’t imagine any hints would be needed in order to figure out this Cruella de Vil disney bound. It is also not an outfit that you would probably wear on an ordinary day, but it would be a lot of fun to wear at the parks as a disney bound. Lose the fur shrug and the black and white tights, and you could have a fun outfit that you could wear in public.

cruella de vil

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  1. This is the best one yet! A lot of the pieces are really cute when worn alone but it all screams Cruella together!

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