FEAR_Fullbody_RenderFear added a little comic relief to Inside Out, but his purpose is not funny at all. He keeps us from making dangerous choices and seeks out the possible outcomes of the choices we make. I understand fear. While I may not live my life in fear, I pride myself in my ability to look at all possible outcomes of a situation. Perhaps Fear Disney bounding is meant for me!

What is Disney Bounding?

Disney Bounding is the act of dressing to represent a Disney character. It is not wearing costumes, but putting together an outfit that would be perceived as a regular outfit, but could also be identified as being reminiscent of a Disney character.

Disneyland and Walt Disney World both prohibit adults from entering the parks wearing costumes. This ensures that children do not confuse regular park goers with Disney characters. Disney Bounding began when a Disney enthusiast wanted to show her love of Disney characters, without breaking the dress code rules of the Disney Parks.

I struggled with the right pieces for this disney bound, because let’s face it… Fear doesn’t really have any sense of style. I suspect people wouldn’t look at this combination and immediately know who is being represented, but hopefully it would become obvious if a group of five were Disney Bounding as the cast from Inside Out.

What would you do differently if you were Fear Disney Bounding.

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  1. I think I would add a scarf to portray fear a little (to “hide” behind) lol… Love the high-waisted pants!

  2. I think your picks were right-on as far as representing the character. I love those purple pants and the wide legs would be comfortable for going on rides, too.

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