There’s no other Disney character as recognizable as the iconic Mickey Mouse. He is the reason that so many of us make the journey to Disneyland or Walt Disney World! I don’t think Mickey minds if his female friends do some Mickey Mouse Disney Bounding, but today I put together a Mickey Disney bounding for men.

What is Disney Bounding?

Disney Bounding is the act of dressing to represent a Disney character. It is not wearing costumes, but putting together an outfit that would be perceived as a regular outfit, but could also be identified as being reminiscent of a Disney character.

Disneyland and Walt Disney World both prohibit adults from entering the parks wearing costumes. This ensures that children do not confuse regular park goers with Disney characters. Disney Bounding began when a Disney enthusiast wanted to show her love of Disney characters, without breaking the dress code rules of the Disney Parks.

You could head to Disney World with a Minnie Mouse Disney bound too!

Join me next Friday to see another fun Disney Bounding idea. See you then!

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