We’re back with more Disney Bounds for 2016! I ended the year with a Buzz Lightyear outfit, so I am starting this year off with another beloved Toy Story character… Woody!

What is Disney Bounding?woody toy story

Disney Bounding is the act of dressing to represent a Disney character. It is not wearing costumes, but putting together an outfit that would be perceived as a regular outfit, but could also be identified as being reminiscent of a Disney character.

Disneyland and Walt Disney World both prohibit adults from entering the parks wearing costumes. This
ensures that children do not confuse regular park goers with Disney characters. Disney Bounding began when a Disney enthusiast wanted to show her love of Disney characters, without breaking the dress code rules of the Disney Parks.

Woody Disney BoundWith just a few tweaks, this could also work as an outfit for Jessie from Toy Story.

Check out this Buzz Lightyear Disney Bound!

15 Replies to “Disney Bounding: Woody from Toy Story”

  1. As soon as I seen this outfit before I even started to read, I thought it was Jessie and was so proud of myself till I read the post and the outfit is Woody, oh well at least I was close, and you did another great outfit!!

  2. I knew exactly what movie this character would be from as soon as I saw the outfit! I thought though that it was Jessie but Woody and Jessie go hand in hand 🙂

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