Every time we go to Disney World we experience something for the first time. Whether it is a long standing attraction that we hadn’t discovered before, a new attraction or a new feature to an attraction we have been to before… we never run out of new things to see and do.

Here is our list of firsts from our most recent trip:

The Caribbean Beach Resort

Photo courtesy of Walt DisneyWorld
Photo courtesy of Walt Disney World

This moderate Disney resort gives off the ambiance of a true Caribbean getaway. The gorgeous plant life and flowers on the grounds are like nothing I’ve ever seen before. We had a pool right outside of our room and it was rarely in use, so we were able to enjoy private swimming at night. For more excitement we could head over to the main pool that had water slides and a splash pad and some pretty amazing pirate themed decor.

RunDisney Kids Races

kids races

Disney knows how to turn everything into a family event, and their runDisney program is no exception. On the same day that my husband and I participated in the Tower of Terror 5k, our children each did a race too. Griffin ran the 200m dash, while Kellen and Avery ran the 1 mile race. There are runDisney kids events for crawlers too! They finished each race with a high five to a Disney character and they each got their own medal.


magic bands

I was pretty excited about the Magic Bands. I like to own anything that has Mickey on it, and the idea of having my very own Disney bracelet that was also a pass to the parks and my room, well that sounded pretty good to me. I customized our magic bands online ahead of time and we picked them up when we arrived at our resort. The bands were brand new to the Caribbean Beach Resort that week, so of course there were some growing pains and a few kinks in the program, but that is to be expected. It was nice to be able to put on the magic band and not worry about losing our tickets or room keys while we were out in the parks.

The Jungle Cruise

I have heard so many positive reviews about The Jungle Cruise, but until our last trip I had not yet been on it. We finally went on the ride and learned why it is a fan favourite: the humour. The cast member leading the cruise was full of zingers and groaners, and he delivered them all with ease. He even took a little jab at yours truly while I snapped a picture of some hippos that I was supposed to be cowering in fear from…oops! It was a lot of fun and I am looking forward to riding it again.

Princess Fairytale Hall

Princess Fairytale Hall

This was on Avery’s MUST DO list for this trip. The Princess Fairytale Hall is a new addition to Disney World, and it’s a place where you can have a brief visit with some of your favourite Disney Princesses in the comfort and beauty of their own hall. Avery met Cinderella and Aurora (who was the visiting princess that day), but you can also meet Rapunzel and a visiting princess.

Character Dining

character dining

Most of our trips to Disney World have been last minute whirlwind experiences and dining reservations just didn’t happen. This time we made reservations at the Crystal Palace to enjoy character dining with Winnie the Pooh and friends. The food was good and there were options that the kids all enjoyed, but the real treat was the character visits. A cast member moved around the room with each character and made sure that every table had some time with all of the characters. They took pictures, got autographs for us and really made sure it was special. We all had a blast, and I don’t think I’ll be able to bring the kids to Disney without character dining again!

We had a few other firsts this trip. We encountered Push the Talking Trash Can in Tomorrowland at the Magic Kingdom. We went in search of Perry at Epcot, and found ourselves in the middle of a very fun adventure! We also attended the Wine and Dine Festival at Epcot. It’s always fun to rediscover past treasures at Disney, and there’s always new excitement to be found too!

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  1. Looks like you all had a great time! I haven’t been in years and hopefully we will be taking the kids soon. The animal kingdom had just opened the last time I went, so I’m sure there are tons of new stuff for us to discover!

  2. What a fun time! The idea of Magic Bands is just too good. I would love to take my granddaughter to Disney so she can meet the princesses. She wants to be a princess herself.

  3. The Jungle Cruise is always funny. I like it as a break from walking, a chance to sit back, cool off and laugh for awhile.

    I love the idea of the bracelets. I have always liked how the room key could be used to buy stuff at the park shops, but this takes it even further and is such a great idea.

  4. As a travel agent I love to read these in depth experiences with Disney Travel…As a Disney lover it reminds me how badly I want to go myself lol

  5. When I was pregnant with my youngest daughter we took a trip down to Disneyland. That was 22 years ago lol I’m sure there have been big changes since then!

  6. As a family we visited Disney World in 1987 and now I look forward to taking my grandchildren there.

  7. What a fantastic idea with the MagicBands! I am presenting planning a trip to Disney World or Disney Land, we are yet to decide, so I’m eagerly reading about Disney all I can. Thanks for the great post. I hope wherever we end up, there will be magicbands!

  8. Disney World is awesome regardless of age. I liked the FastPass that allowed you to plan you day and get on the max amount of rides. I’d go back tomorrow!! 🙂

  9. I dream of going with the family but it would never happen to expensive , it’s a dream come true if I would ever be able to go.

  10. You cover a lot of the appeal of Disney, but as a Canadian who just came back from a family trip to disneyland in March, I believe you should add the Rainforest Cafe as an attraction. We had 4 delicious meals in 5 days and the people there are absolutely incredible.

  11. Going to Disney is like a rite of passage, as a child you get to a certain age and then voila your going. (in our family anyway)

  12. I took my nieces to Florida in October 2014. We also stayed at the Caribbean Beach Resort. The girls had a fabulous time at the parks (highlighted by seeing Anna and Elsa from Frozen), and enjoyed swimming at the pirate pool. There is always something new at the parks, and this time we enjoyed the Seven Dwarfs Mine roller coaster at the Magic Kingdom.

  13. The Jungle Cruise has always been my favourite ride. The boat drivers are what makes it fun because every time you ride it they make it different with their own personalities.

  14. The Magic Bands are a fantastic idea!! Looks like a fabulous family trip. Disney is always the family dream adventure of a lifetime!

  15. We took my kids to Disney World for the first time earlier this year and had so much fun! The Crystal Palace with Winnie The Pooh characters is on our list for the next trip.

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