My travel bucket list is long and one of the longest standing countries on the list is India. In public school, I developed a close friendship with a girl from India. Her stories about her country painted a picture in my mind that I’ve always longed to see in reality.  I lost touch with my friend a long time ago and I believe she returned home to India after she completed her education, as that was always the plan. While I know it is highly unlikely I would ever find he there, I would still like to go and see the country she spoke so fondly of.

One of the up and coming tourist destinations in India is Kodagu, also known as Coorg. As I’m always looking for spots that are less commonly known, Coorg is of interest to me. My research has discovered some interesting things to see and do in the area, as well as some hotels in Coorg.

Street Food

Anthony Bourdain once said “The best food isn’t cooked in people’s homes. You find it on the streets.”. He was speaking of India so it is no surprise that one of the attractions in Coorg is the street food. Here locals and visitors can enjoy dishes like Kadambuttu (rice balls), Kuleputtu (a recipe made from jackfruit) and Pandi Curry (a curried pork dish).


India is known for it’s festivals and Coorg is no exception. There are several different festivals throughout the year. Many are Hindu festivals and there are also festivals to celebrate the end of the agriculture season, the harvest season and the renewal of the Kaveri River.

Adventure and Water Sports

In Coorg you can take on many exciting adventure sports like hiking cliffs, rappelling waterfalls, ziplining and white-water rafting. There are also services that will take you on a Jeep jungle safari. If you are looking for a little less risk, try kayaking or water zorbing.


Coorg has many street markets that offer spices, coffee, fruit and other delectable food. There are also bazaars with clothing and other textiles, pottery, art and anything a visitor could want.


Coorg is home to the Brahmagiri Wildlife Sanctuary, where you can find tigers, mongoose, pythons, etc. and it is also an elephant corridor. There are opportunities in Coorg to go on safari in a National Park as well.

Religious Sites

There are three temples in Coorg: Omkareshwara Temple, Bhagamandala and Shri Shringeri Shankar Math. The temples are free to visit and operate on limited visiting hours. You will find serene settings, gorgeous architecture and fascinating histories in each one.

My research discovered sites for camping and several hotels in Coorg, allowing guests to move around and take in the various parts of the district. I want to find a place located centrally to the street food, bazaars and festivals. A road trip to a safari that is a safe distance away sounds great to me!