sunset3The coastal community of Malia on the island of Crete is a dream holiday destination filled with sunny beaches and beautiful resorts. Families flock to this scenic side of the island to enjoy fabulous amenities at excellent prices. Aside from the obvious activities and attractions, the region surrounding Malia is also home to ancient ruins and relics from centuries past, making it a well-rounded destination that the whole family can enjoy.

Malia has been an established resort destination for a while now and has plenty of accommodation options for families. These range from traditional hotel rooms to long-term holiday stay apartments that can sleep 4 or more people to a room. Many resorts come with added amenities like a swimming pool, restaurant, bar and convenience store. There are a variety of options for cheap holidays with Thomson to Malia where you can choose between resorts offering a wide range of enticing amenities.

The first attractions that spring to mind when mentioning Malia are its beaches. There are six major beaches that line the coastline around Malia. The Central Beach is the closest to town and the most popular. Nearby Sun Beach is a great option for families as it has a children’s pool, in addition to a beautiful sandy beach. Potamos Beach is another excellent beach for families and is usually quieter than the beaches closer to town.

The Malia Ruins, which is home to the Minoan Palace of Malia, is just steps from the sun and sand of Patomas beach. The palace was once the 3rd largest Minoan palace on the island of Crete and dates back to 1900 BC. Visitors are free to walk right onto the site and explore the ruins at their own pace. Walking through the grounds, it’s not difficult to imagine the original layout of this incredible compound.

Crete is a remarkable island that Malia visitors can explore on land or on the water. Safari tours operating from Malia take tourists of all ages through the beautiful countryside and villages on the interior of the island. This trip is a must for photography enthusiasts as the tours often encounter native wildlife. Trained safari drivers will not only provide transportation, but also inform and entertain guests about the history and the mythology of Crete. Another way to tour the island is by boat. Short day cruises around Malia allow families to view the beautiful coastline and discover small villages like Stalis and Hersonissos.

Malia enjoys lovely warm temperatures from spring until well into autumn, making it a suitable holiday destination for much of the year. It is a budget and family-friendly destination that has enough in terms of attractions to entertain both adults and children.

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