I’ve mentioned my travel bucket list many times, and here I am about to do it again! As my family plans another Disney trip, I was thinking about all of the other places I would love to visit but I haven’t had a chance yet. I have to think in terms of family travel, since it’s not really plausible for my husband and I to get away without the kids, so I have been researching family friendly locations.


While I would love to see a number of places in Europe, my ideal European vacation does not include strollers or happy meals, so that is off the list until I am presented with some amazing family travel opportunities in Europe (feel free to educate me, I would love to hear about places to visit).

A cruise would be amazing and I plan to do that someday. I need to choose a cruise line that has a lot of activities for the kids, so we don’t feel like we are trapped on a boat the whole time!

Everyone in my family enjoys being in warm climates, and we all love the beach, so a beach resort somewhere tropical would be ideal. I have found all inclusive family resorts Caribbean that look amazing, and I think I would feel more comfortable booking an all inclusive vacation, than just winging it when we get there. The white sand, blue water and cabanas look amazing to me, and I would love to hear what activities they offer for the kids.

Cottages, camping and road trips are all affordable options that are close to home, although not as exciting as some of the other options. They are definitely nice little getaways though, and I grab the chance to book them when I can.

What is your favourite way to travel with family?