Growing up in Ontario, Canada has given me plenty of opportunities to see Niagara Falls. I have participated in a number of amazing activities on the Canadian side of the falls, and this weekend I had the opportunity to travel across the Rainbow Bridge and see what there is to offer on the American side.

 Niagara falls both

Here are five reasons you will want to visit both sides of the falls:

  1. A different perspective: While I have always loved the Canadian view of both the Horseshoe Falls and the American Falls, there is also a unique and amazing view from the US side of the border.
  2. Similar yet different experiences: You can travel through tunnels and get a rear side view of the Horseshoe Falls or get up close and personal from the viewing deck while doing Journey Behind the Falls in Ontario. Over on the American side you can do Cave of the Winds where you will travel along side the rock formations and if you’re really brave you can put yourself right under a portion of the American Falls.
  3. Atmosphere: The lights and noise of Clifton Hill in Ontario will get the energy flowing and give you a lot of fun things to do, and when you are ready to calm down and appreciate the scenery you can head over to the State Park on the US side.
  4. The Rainbow Bridge: Walking the Rainbow Bridge from one country to the other is a unique experience that offers some of the best views of the Falls. Be sure to have your passport with you because you are crossing the border, and if you are going from the Canadian side into the United States, take 50 cents with you! That is the fee to cross the bridge.
  5. Bragging Rights: How many people can say they visited the same location from two different countries? It’s a special experience that you can’t get in many places.

rainbow bridge

8 Replies to “Five reasons to see Niagara Falls from both sides of the river”

  1. I’ve only seen it from the Canadian side, maybe one day we’ll get back there and take it in from both sides! Thanks

  2. I have only seen it from the Canadian Side. We have thought about going to the American side a couple times but have never made it yet.

  3. I loved getting to spend more time with you, and though I have only viewed the Falls from the American side so far, I look forward to taking that walk across the Rainbow Bridge in the future.

  4. Justin (hubby) & I live in Niagara Falls and just recently we decided to walk across the Rainbow Bridge for the 1st time together (I’ve done it many times in my early 20’s) and he was so impressed. We got some really great photo’s on the Rainbow Bridge and even took the trolley around the US side. We sure are lucky to live in such a beautiful city with so many things to do. We even started a special piece on our blog called “The Undercover Tourist” 🙂

  5. Thank you for telling us about the experiences on both sides of the River. It sounds like it would be a good idea to Cross the Rainbow Bridge (with your passport). You would have lots to look at and bragging rights at being in two Countries in one day.

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