My son Kellen is a seeker of knowledge. At any given time you can find him searching for information online, watching documentaries and reading books. He also enjoys sharing his knowledge with others. People always comment about how quiet he is and imply that he is very shy. While he is a little shy, for the most part I believe he is just introspective. He listens and learns, and when the opportunity arises he shares his favourite tidbits. Kellen’s interest in learning and exploring made him the ideal choice of my children to go on a Florida road trip with me. Our adventure began in Daytona Beach where we stayed at the Bahama House and found many opportunities to have fun while exploring and learning.


The Daytona Magic Shop

Kellen has a keen interest in magic. He has been gathering magic tricks for years and learning from youtube videos, but there’s nothing quite like learning from the experts. The Daytona Magic Shop is celebrating 50 years of business this year and I quickly understood how they found their success. Budding magicians like my son are treated to magic tricks and should they choose to purchase the tricks they are also given a private lesson on how to perform it properly.

We left with the Hot Rod magic trick (that the rest of the family still hasn’t figured out), and before returning home at the end of the trip we went back and bought the coin trick shown above.

Museum of Arts and Sciences

We discovered everything from Coca-Cola collectibles, giant doll houses and antique cars at the Museum of Arts and Sciences. Kellen was especially interested in the ancient swords and rifles as well as the Coast Guard paintings that were on display. He occasionally considers archaeology as a future career, so the ancient skeletons are also of great interest to him. I like how the museum has found a creative way to display partial skeletons like the mammoth below.


The Museum features a planetarium, a children’s museum and many fantastic displays of artifacts, sculptures and art. It is worth setting aside half a day for!

Angell and Phelps Chocolate Factory

When you walk into Angell and Phelps you are immediately taken in by the smooth and silky scent of chocolate. The gorgeous chocolate shells and fudge squares will capture your attention too, and then you will notice that you can tour the actual factory. While we stood in line waiting for the next tour to start, we were treated to some samples of fudge. That was worth all of the waiting in the world!

Our entertaining tour guide showed us how all of the delicious treats are made and gave us some background on the factory. We watched the candy makers whip up everything from truffles to chocolate covered bacon before concluding the tour.


The chocolate factory tours end with some more sweet sampling, so be sure to stay until the very end!

Eco Boat Tours with Ponce Inlet Watersports

The highlight of the trip for me was definitely the Eco Boat Tour with Ponce Inlet Watersports. The tour is called the Dolphin and Manatee Eco Tour and while I realize it is impossible to guarantee sightings like this, the stars definitely were aligned for our tour.

We had barely left the dock when a group of manatees were spotted. We drifted over to them and while I didn’t see any up out of the water, they swam beside and under our boat so that we could catch a glimpse of them up close. Later in the tour we came across a shallow area where people were swimming, however there was no swimming going on. The couple of people who were in the water were standing completely still because there were manatees swimming all around them. Our guide explained that people in the area are taught to stay still and allow the manatees to swim. Only a bulldog didn’t seem to know this rule, but he seemed to just want to get out of the water and away from the manatees. While they were beautiful, I may have reacted like the bulldog!


The manatees were just half of our excitement on the tour. We saw many dolphins enjoying the beautiful day, including this mama and baby dolphin pair. In this particular area there were also several pelicans floating in the water, always facing the dolphins. Our guide explained that sometimes dolphins like to play with fish by throwing them in the air before eating them. The pelicans wait patiently for a chance to steal one of these fish from the playful dolphins. We were thrilled to be able to witness this ourselves when one lucky pelican managed to steal the fish as it was in the air.

Our tour also included a stop at a beach where we could search for shells. I was pleased when the guide politely made all tourists returns the living sand dollars and hermit crabs to the water before boarding again. I would hate to see some creatures die due to an eco-tour.

Ponce Inlet Watersports offers parasailing, tours, fishing, sailing and more. Check them out on your next visit to the area.

Marine Science Center

Another great stop for nature lovers is the Marine Science Center. Here we admired fish in aquariums, touched stingrays and I touched a shark for the very first time. Of course it was a small shark with no teeth, but it was still a shark. The Sea Turtle Hospital ICU Ward was very interesting and there was also a great deal of information about turtles on the walls for us to read.


Outside of the building we took a hike to visit seabirds who are being rehabilitated, and just to enjoy nature. We saw many lizards, a couple of squirrels and we watched a raccoon explore a pond from a lookout where we were taking a break.

Our time at Daytona Beach was memorable, right down to the fun in the pool at the Bahama House (and I’m not complaining about the free drinks every day during Happy Hour at the Bahama House). Kellen returned home armed with lots of new information to share with the family and his friends.

Come back tomorrow to hear about the hidden gems we discovered in St. Augustine.


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  1. oh my gosh the Chocolate Factory! it would have been hard to get me out of there lol. Looks like a great time and cool experience.

    1. It was really interesting. I wish they had showed us how they make those gorgeous chocolate shells.

  2. I, too, would never make it out of the Chocolate Factory! lol I love manatees and would some day like to see them in person!

    1. I have gone to a manatee sanctuary and still didn’t see any. This was my first time.

  3. Oh wow what an amazing trip, so many wonderful things going on, and the chocolate factory yummm!! I would love the magic store as well, I’m always fascinated by magic!!

  4. Wow, that looked like a great holiday and place to visit. We love going on holidays like this & checking out different local tours.

  5. I am always amazed by those tricks!! Hope he is a master at it now he bought it!! 🙂

  6. The rehabilitation centre for seabirds would be a great learning experience for kids and adults

  7. What a wonderful experience to see the manatees. I really like how they are free to swim in their own habitat, not caged up, & still evoke a great learning experience for tourists.

  8. So much to do and see. Sorry, but my family would have a hard time getting me out off Angell and Phelps Chocolate Factory. My grandson would love the Marine Science Center.

  9. This sure look like an exciting place to visit but i would have a hard time leaving the Chocolate Factory.

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