If you have ever stayed at a Walt Disney World Resort, you are likely dreaming about your next trip. Booking your Disney experience involves a lot of options so here are ten reasons that you will want to stay at a Walt Disney World resort.

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1. The Magic begins right at the airport

The free shuttle will take you right to your resort, and deliver your luggage directly to your room. No waiting at the luggage carousel or flagging down taxis.

2. Royal treatment for special occasions

When you make your Disney resort reservation you are asked if you are celebrating anything special. It can be a birthday, anniversary, first visit to Disney or anything that you feel is worth celebrating. When you check into your resort, you will be presented with a button to wear sharing your celebration! As you visit rides, restaurants and attractions, cast members and other visitors will acknowledge your special event.

3. No need to carry a wallet or cash

Disney’s Magic Bands are made to open your hotel room doors, admit you to rides with your fast passes, and even store your credit card information for purchases throughout Disney World.

4. Resorts are attractions themselves

Each resort has a theme and matching decorations. The Art of Animation and All-Star Resorts are so fun for the kids with their larger than life statues, and there is always something exciting happening around the pool. Most resorts have restaurants that relate to their theme too.

5. Extended park hours

Each day one of the Disney theme parks will have extended hours either in the morning or at night that are just for resort guests. These hours allow you to visit the park when it is not busy, which means you can get on your favourite rides faster.

6. Disney has its own transportation system

From your resort, you can hop on a bus to any of the Disney theme parks, water parks and even Disney Springs. Each park has a bus depot to take you to another park or back to your resort, and some resorts offer ferry or monorail transportation as well.

7. Fun wake up calls

Disney wake up calls are not your standard call. You will be greeted by one of my beloved Disney characters on the other end of the phone. They may be blasting you for not being downstairs on time, apologizing for calling the wrong room, or giving you another fun message.

8. Purchases delivered right to your room

If you find the perfect gift while you are out in the parks, you can have it delivered to your resort. This means you don’t have to carry purchases around all day. Purchases made on the last day of your trip can not be delivered to your room.

9. Time for a little rest and relaxation

Disney is exciting and it can also be exhausting. When you stay at a Disney resort you can take a bus/monorail/boat back to the resort for a midday rest before tackling more fun.

10. Un-interrupted Disney

Staying at a Disney Resort gives you the full Disney experience, and makes your entire vacation just a little bit easier and more relaxing.

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