Our recent stay in Florida had us housed in a gorgeous Global Resort Homes townhouse at Windsor Hills Resort. I’ve had the privilege of staying in a Global Resort house before, and I was excited to see what Windsor Hills had to offer.

This time our stay was in a three bedroom townhouse. It was beautiful furnished and decorated, and the kids were really excited about the room with the Mickey and Minni decals on the wall. We actually had to rotate which kids got to sleep in there and who slept in the somewhat more mature room on the main floor, lol. It works out well because they were all happy in the end! The house had a small pool in an enclosed area, and that was definitely the favourite spot for the kids while we were there. We did experience a pest problem while at the house (local friends tell me this goes with the territory living in Florida), and it was taken care of quickly when reported to Global Resort Homes. I appreciate their haste and efficiency with that. It was nice to know they really did want us to have the most enjoyable experience and would do whatever it took to ensure that for us.

The best part of this stay was Windsor Hills Resort. The lagoon style pool was a huge hit with the kids, and I loved that there were really shallow areas and deeper parts for swimming too. My husband and daughter were really excited about the water slide, and they had a great time on it. It was nice to have a chance to go down a waterslide without waiting in line for half an hour first! The waterslide was supervised by Windsor Hills staff to ensure it was being used safely.

Ping pong tables and an arcade were fun activities for us to do with the kids too. There was a small store if we happened to need anything and didn’t want to drive to the grocery store, and there was a playground. The playground had a huge castle climber that the kids enjoyed, and probably the coolest thing at the park (to me anyway) was a giant checker/chess board and pieces to play. My husband and I challenged each other to some giant games while the kids played. It was a lot of fun!

It was another great stay at Global Resort Homes, and I’m sure we will be visiting again someday. If you want to keep updated on great deals with Global, like their facebook page!

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  1. we stayed there earlier this yr and it was spectacular so comfy and so quite the only way to travel and stay in Florida when visiting

  2. I love staying in places with a kitchen. it’s so nice to be able to cook meals while traveling, instead of always having to eat out.

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