Like most people, I love a good story, and Carlsbad definitely has an interesting story as to how it went from rural farmlands to the popular tourist spot that it is today. In the 1800’s, Carlsbad was known for it’s farmland until John Frazier, a former captain with the US Navy, tapped artesian and mineral springs that people believed to have healing properties. Once the water gained popularity, it was tested and found to be much like the water at the world-famous Karlsbad, Bohemia health resort. People traveled  by train to Frazier’s Station to benefit from these medicinal waters, and eventually the town was renamed Carlsbad.

After his water was tested and found to be legitimate, Captain Frazier began the construction of the Carlsbad Mineral Springs Hotel and Spa. The hotel was completed in 1887, boosting tourism and development in the small village. Thus Captain John A Frazier was credited with founding, developing, and naming the town of Carlsbad, California. Today, Captain Frazier’s statue stands in front of the Carlsbad Mineral Water Spa where they are once again bottling the town’s sought after water.

Today, Carlsbad has even more to offer than healing waters. It is the home of Legoland, a fiercely popular tourist spot for families who love lego, rides and water play. It is also the home of beautiful beaches and resorts that appeal to the family demographic. As I drove into Carlsbad, I immediately noticed the number of people walking and cycling around town. The beach was filled with families enjoying the sun and sand and the whole town has a Mediterranean feel that really appealed to me. There are patios, cafes and benches to just relax and enjoy some good company. It’s the type of place that you can really get rejuvenated before returning to the daily grind.

If you enjoy music (and who doesn’t?!), you will want to visit the Museum of Making Music that is located in Carlsbad. At the museum you can learn about the history of a variety of music genres, and you and the kids can play with the instruments too. It’s an interactive learning experience that you won’t want to miss.

For us, the beach was the ultimate experience in Carlsbad. These Canadians have never set foot in the Pacific Ocean before, and the beaches at Carlsbad gave us quite a show! From sand crabs, to pelicans, playful dolphins and even a possible shark sighting… we were always entertained. I only wish we had time to do some whale watching while we were visiting… it was the perfect time of year to do it!


 To learn more about Carlsbad or to plan a trip, see Visit Carlsbad and Visit California.

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  1. I’ve been to California numerous times throughout my life. We usually go about twice a year since my in laws live there, however I’ve never been to Carlsbad. After seeing that sunset, I have no idea why!

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