One of the things I wasn’t really looking forward to at Brandcation was the Blogger Olympics. I have never been overly athletic, and I don’t enjoy being in a bathing suit in public, so the idea of running around on the beach was really not appealing to me. Lucky for me, it was mandatory because I had so much fun!

We started off the Blogger Olympics with a photo scavenger hunt. We ran around the Resort and had some quick chances to see what was there, and also got to see just how competitive some of our fellow bloggers are!

The Ladybug team catching a ride

 After the scavenger hunt (my team lost…boo!), we all went down to the beach for the rest of the games. We had a White House sandcastle competition, a hula hooping contest (won by our own Denise!) and a couple of fun relay races. Everyone tossed aside their insecurities about bathing suits and athletic ability, and just had fun. It was refreshing!

Photos courtesy of Brandy Goleman Photography

I wish I had video of Denise rocking that hula hoop. She won the contest and then just kept on doing the hula because she’s cool like that!

A special thanks to Jambu Footwear for sponsoring the Blogger Olympics.

The winners of the Blogger Olympics were each given a trophy, and everyone else left with medals to show they participated. Our next adventures involved leaving the condos and heading to Surf Burger.

 surf burger

Surf Burger is a beachside restaurant with a local atmosphere. The staff were fun and the food was good too! I had their signature burger, the Surf Burger, and regular french fries and it was all very good. The company was great and it was so nice to eat outside and enjoy the ocean air.

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  1. Sam I am so glad that I got the chance to meet up with you again! You are such an amazing woman and so dang fun to hang out with!!! The blogging olympics was so much fun and Denise was awesome at the Hula Hoop. I sure hope we all get to do it again really soon.

  2. I couldn’t have done the swimsuit thing, no way no how. I would have had to wear a tent or something, but it still looks like a blast!

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