We started our day with breakfast at the Saddle Ranch Chop House, which is right outside of the entrance to Universal Studios Hollywood. You can order breakfast all day at the Chop House, which is awesome, and we had an excellent waiter who always noticed when our water glasses were getting low, and brought Kellen a really incredible dessert.

After a great  breakfast, we headed off into the park. We had done our research online before getting there, and I knew that the Studio Tour was something I really wanted to do. On our way towards it, Kellen noticed a Haunted Tour and wanted to go on it, so we got in line. It was a long line but it was moving very quickly. They had a regular announcement saying that it is quite scary, and after abut 10 minutes Kellen decided it was not a good idea and we got out of line. Whew. I didn’t want to do it, lol.

We made our way to the Studio Tour which was also a very long line, but it was always moving so it didn’t seem as bad as just standing in line. I love that the majority of the line is under a sun shade and there was cool mist being spraying out above us to help with the heat. This was actually a theme throughout the park…there were cool stations everywhere, so we could stop and get cooled off quickly, which was great since we were there on a particularly hot day. We finally made it to the Studio Tour, which is an hour long tour through the real movie and television sets. The whole tour was awesome. We saw numerous sets and props that we were familiar with and learned about shows and films that had been filmed right there at Universal Studios.

One of the houses on Wisteria Lane
Amity Island, from Jaws
Dr. Seuss How the Grinch Stole Christmas set

There are several moments during the Studio Tour where you can get wet or startled from things like Jaws jumping out of the water at you, or an earthquake hitting and the room collapsing around you. The most anticipated was the King Kong 4D.

There are a variety of shows around the park, and we stopped to watch one with animals. It was pretty cool to see some animals that we have watched in movies like Santa Paws and Hotel for Dogs. We also got to see a demonstration of how dogs are auditioned for movies.

We saw props from Apollo 13, which is one of my favourite movies, from Back to the Future which is iconic…and so many other amazing films. We also saw some Transformers wandering around the park! The new Transformers ride looks amazing but Kellen wasn’t ready for it yet. Maybe next trip.

There was a splash pad for the kids to cool off, and so many fun rides to go on. Kellen loves souvenirs so he was pretty excited to stop in all of the shops and see what they have to offer. It was a really fun day at Universal Studios and I hope we can visit again someday.

To learn more about Universal Studios Hollywood, visit http://www.universalstudioshollywood.com.

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  1. August 17- Your tour sounds so enjoyable and entertaining even if it was hot. I love the studio sets you pictured here and the transformers are, as my grandchildren say, awesome! I am beginning to understand why so many people line up for these tours. It seems to be educational as well as fun.-el03ro

  2. Wow!! That King Kong scene looks amazing! I went to Disney in Florida when I was little and it was the best, it looks like they have really added so many fun things to the parks!

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