The Lake District boasts some of the most beautiful sights in the country. With a wealth of lush forests, deep valleys and craggy summits, there’s something for every hiking enthusiast. If you are new to Hiking, be sure to hike smart and stay safe, preparing thoroughly.

The area of Cumbria is renowned for its gorgeous views, so if you’re thinking of planning a break to tackle the Cumbrian Mountains, here are some classic routes to consider.

The Fairfield Horseshoe – 17km


Start in Rydal for a cup of tea in the charming café before taking on this 10-mile hike.

Circumnavigating the Rydal valley, the Fairfield Horseshow offers some gorgeous views and challenging peaks.

The Fairfield peak may be a challenge to scramble to the top of, but it offers a beautiful view of the Lake District.

Taking the tranquil, leafy walk between Ambleside and Rydal will take you past writer Wordsworth’s former home.

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Suggested route: Rydal – Lord Crag – Heron Pike – Great Rigg – Fairfield – Hart Crag – High Pike – Low Pike – Nook End – Rydal

Coledale Horseshoe – 18km

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It’s the distinctive loop of hills, including the distinguished GrisedalePike that makes the Coledale Horseshoe a popular – but challenging – hiking route.

Just over 11 miles of hiking up and down fascinating mountains will leave many an experienced hiker breathless, but the view of Coledale Beck winding its way through the valley is well worth it.

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Suggested route: Braithwaite – High Coledale – Stile End – Outerside – High Moss – Crag Hill – Eel Crag – Hopegill Head – Grisdale Pike – Kinn – Braithwaite

Wasdale Horseshoe – 27km

This is one of the larger treks; an all-encompassing challenge for experienced fell walkers.

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At 17 miles, the route will most likely take you more than 16 hours – so tackling it in two turns is advisable. There are, however, shorter routes are available to try if you don’t feel up to 17 miles of hard trek.

The views are worth every step – entailing everything that makes The Lakes so beautiful, the Wasdale route includes some of the most gorgeous peaks and valleys in Cumbria.

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Suggested route – Yewbarrow – Red Pike – LiitleScoat Fell – Pillar – Looking Stead – Blacksail Pass – Kirk Fell – Great Gable – Sty Head Tarn – EskHause – Great End – Scafell Pike – Sca Fell

With trains from the UK mainland leading to Cumbria, it’s not hard to make a trekking paradise a reality.You can learn more about hiking in other parts of the world on the cheapflights website.

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  1. What beautiful Vistas! My husband is an avid hiker and this would totally interest him. He has done many challenging hikes, like the West Coast Trail on Vancouver Island, the Chilkoot Trail in Yukon and several in the Kananaskis in Alberta.

  2. Beautiful photos! Living on the southern tip of Vancouver Island we have some magnificent hiking/walking/climbing spots close by!

  3. I would so love to visit the UK one day, and definitely would like to take in one of these hikes! We hike the Smoky Mountains a lot during the spring, summer, and fall.

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