Last week I flew to New York City from the Buffalo/Niagara Airport on Jet Blue Airlines. This was my first time flying on Jet Blue, but it won’t be my last! I chose Jet Blue because of the price. It was the cheapest flight I could find to NYC, and I wanted to save money wherever I could. I have found myself on some pretty tiny propeller airplanes in the past, and I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I was pleasantly surprised when I boarded the plane.

The seats were not cramped, and there was more leg room than you traditionally find in coach. Each seat has a television that comes equipped with Direct TV… something you don’t usually find on a one hour flight! The Jet Blue staff were friendly and funny too! Rather than the usual boring “Please turn off your electronics” they did a cute little “If it starts with an “i” or ends with a “berry”, you need to turn it off now!” and when they found the people who hadn’t complied, they responded with smiles and a cute “I see your berry! Time to turn it off.” It was a refreshing change!

One of my pet peeves on a airplane is the tiny glass they give you when you want a drink. On Jet Blue, they give you a cup of ice and the entire can or bottle of pop (or soda if you’re American) to drink at your leisure. They also had a nice variety of snacks to choose from. Add free wifi and one free checked bag, and I am one happy traveler!

The real test for Jet Blue was the trip home. I was interested to see if the service was just as pleasant, and while they weren’t funny like the flight attendants on the flight to NYC, they were pleasant and efficient, and did a great job at taking care of the passengers during a fairly turbulent flight.

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  1. I have heard of very good things about Jet Blue from friends who uses it, but I have never had the chance to fly with them. I also heard the staff are also very friendly.

  2. this is good to know it seems you seem to get less while paying more these days, I will look this one up next time

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