“What is Tonga Lumina?”

Each of my children had asked this question over the past few days, and now my husband was wondering the same thing. I didn’t really have an answer for them, other than what I had read on signs through the Mont Tremblant Pedestrian Village.

“It’s a nighttime activity where you search for the giant. There’s some sort of light show.”

My lame description did nothing to instill excitement to keep the kids up past their bedtimes and drag them through the mountains at night, but it’s my job so there were no objections. We were scheduled for the 9:30pm showing and the line-ups were already quite long by 9pm. The vast amount of interest in this new activity certainly peaked my curiosity while we waited.


Our turn arrived and we were each given a medallion to wear around our necks. It was white at first but as we made our way up the gondola and into the mountains it began to glow. It was the beginning of a magical journey called Tonga Lumina.


Legend has it that a sleeping giant calls Mont Tremblant home. The last survivor of his kind, this mythical being is the ancestral protector of the fauna, the flora and the rivers. For thousands of years, his great wisdom was so revered and sought after that his descendants would return to Mont Tremblant from far and wide every time he awoke from his slumber.

The giant’s legendary wrath has inspired fear since ancient times. Even today, if anyone disobeys the sacred laws of nature, the power of his fury makes the mountainside tremble.

A guardian of the forces of nature, the giant hasn’t risen from his slumber in many years. But with the first rays of summer, his whispers were heard, and a trail of glowing hand and footprints were discovered deep in the Mont Tremblant forest. The spirits of the forgotten people, who had vanished long ago, suddenly emerged from the darkness to watch over the travellers that venture into the woodlands.

After all of this time, the giant has awoken so that you, too, will find your way to him.

“What secret does he have to share?

Will the journey be a risky one?”

The curious and inquisitive souls who set out to uncover the giant’s mysteries will embark on a quest where the real meets the

fantastical. Their precious amulet will help guide them to places that still bear the marks of the forgotten people’s veneration for their illustrious giant.

Clues left along the winding path will guide you into the heart of this mysterious mountain. The giant is waiting. Are you ready to follow his tracks?


The slightly damp woodsy smell in the air and the evening animal sounds create the perfect backdrop for this journey to find the giant. Signs along the way give clues and nudge you forward in hopes of making a new discovery. There are many fantastic discoveries to be found, many in the form of light shows that dramatically fill the trees and sky around you.

As we walked along the path we came across portals. These interactive spots allowed you to place your hand and receive your own personal light show. It was the perfect way to interrupt the climb up the mountain and personalize the adventure. Our medallions also continued to change colour as we ventured further along the path.


While the lights and colours were breathtaking, the story we were following was the backbone of our journey. A tale of nature and emergence, our search for the giant was filled with wonder. When we reached the end, we all stood in silence and enjoyed the conclusion of our hunt.

On the walk back to the pedestrian village, I contemplated the amount of time and resources it must have taken to develop Tonga Lumina. It was truly impressive and I’m happy to hear it will be an annual summer attraction at Mont Tremblant. I can’t wait to do it again next year!


Location: Mont Tremblant Pedestrian Village

Tickets:  Adults $26.99; Youth (13-17) $16.99; Child (6-12) $10.99; Peewee (0-5) Free

Dates: Nightly until October 9th, 2017. Times vary.

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