Today I created a Joy Disney Bound, from Inside Out. As the mom to an eleven year old girl of my own, Inside Out hit me in the feels. I love the concept, the story…really everything about this movie. I’ve seen it three times already and will surely be seeing it again soon. So, it only makes sense to feature Inside Out for the next few weeks with some Disney Bounding outfits.Joy

What is Disney Bounding?

Disney Bounding is the act of dressing to represent a Disney character. It is not wearing costumes, but putting together an outfit that would be perceived as a regular outfit, but could also be identified as being reminiscent of a Disney character.

Disneyland and Walt Disney World both prohibit adults from entering the parks wearing costumes. This ensures that children do not confuse regular park goers with Disney characters. Disney Bounding began when a Disney enthusiast wanted to show her love of Disney characters, without breaking the dress code rules of the Disney Parks.

Making this outfit put me in a good mood. The bright colours and fun pieces just scream “Joy”. I can see her pretending to skate around in this outfit!


If you enjoyed this Joy Disney Bound, come back next Friday to see another lovable character from Inside Out. You might also like Donald and Daisy Duck!

12 Replies to “Get your Joy Disney Bound on!”

  1. ok so this one was a bit tricky at first. when i saw the outfit combo i was trying to figure out who it was but when i saw it was Joy totally makes sense and works 🙂 great wardrobe pick

  2. I had no idea who this outfit was till I read the post, but then I have not seen the movie yet either, but you nailed it!! I love it!!

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