Wherever you are choosing to holiday this summer, one thing’s for sure; if you’re heading for a beach break such as one of the holidays to Dalaman, you’re going to need to look after your skin. As the summer months creep upon us, the temperatures in Turkey skyrocket, giving holidaymakers a perfect climate to unwind, relax and enjoy a well-deserved break.

The problem for many Brits though, is we just aren’t used to the hotter climes! Sometimes, we’re lucky to get a break in the clouds, never mind a heat wave to rival that of Dalaman and beyond. The key to making sure the sun doesn’t ruin your break is to be prepared for it. While you are, naturally, excited about soaking up as much Vitamin D as possible, you need to make sure that your skin is protected – even more so if you’re travelling with children.

Here are some great options to ensure that your little one’s skin is safe from the sun and in turn will give you the peace of mind to play on the beautiful sandy beaches without worrying about the dreaded sunburn.

Sun Cream

One of the most obvious things to pack in your suitcase is suncream.

Research your options online so that you purchase wisely. Go for higher SPF suncream for your children to protect their delicate skin and opt for a cream that will leave your skin aerated to avoid prickly heat and heatstroke.

UV Suits

Ideal if children who are going to be in and out of the water constantly, which let’s face it, they’re bound to be if they’re natural water babies.

Sunhat & Sunnies

Try and encourage them to keep a sunhat and glasses on at all times to keep the sun off their heads and out of their eyes.

If in doubt, cover them up. Pop a light coloured t shirt on their shoulders to keep the sun off them and keep them in the shade as much as possible. Keep on top of the suncream and you can’t go far wrong!