I started visiting Canada’s Wonderland with my family the year it opened. I was nine years old and was an instant thrill seeker. My sister and I would jump from roller coaster to roller coaster, loving each one more than the last. We returned to the park each summer and I have many fond memories from those trips. I can picture my sun-kissed baby brother sleeping on my Mom’s shoulder as we waited in line for White Water Canyon the year it opened. A decade later I was the adult taking him to Wonderland for a brother-sister day.

My oldest son and I continued the tradition with annual visits to Canada’s Wonderland. We would arrive when the park opened and stay until it was closing. He didn’t inherit my love for thrill rides, but we still found lots of fun things to do while we were there. When his siblings came along, the waterpark became the highlight for everyone. We have made many family memories at Canada’s Wonderland, but with our busy lives the visits have become less frequent. It had been three years since our last visit and we were overdue.

We had planned to visit as an entire family but circumstances didn’t work out and the boys had to stay behind with their dad. It ended up being a nice mother-daughter day for the two of us. Even though the boys hadn’t visited in a few years, they still remember things well, so after we returned I interviewed all three kids with some questions about Canada’s Wonderland.

Wonderland mountain

What is your favourite ride at Canada’s Wonderland?

Avery: The Leviathan. It is really big and fun.
Kellen: White Water Canyon. My Dad always gets soaked.
Griffin: The Rage. It goes up and down and it’s really fast, and I like boats.

If you could only go to one part of Canada’s Wonderland, what would it be?

Avery: The waterpark, Splash Works. I love the big waterslides, swimming and the wave pool.
Kellen: Splash Works. I love the wave pool.
Griffin: Splash Works. I love swimming.

wonderland collage

What is one thing that you MUST have when you go to Canada’s Wonderland?

Avery: Funnel Cake. They are delicious.
Kellen: A souvenir.
Griffin: Cotton Candy.

As a parent, I appreciate the height stations that assign each child a bracelet that shows which rides he/she can ride. It eliminates the disappointment of standing in line and finding out they can’t ride. I like the variety of rides and activities for all ages of children, and I also love the waterpark. It breaks up hot days nicely! There are many food choices available but we have always enjoyed bringing a picnic and eating it on the grass outside of the park. It’s great that you can leave and come back in again.

Canada’s Wonderland is a great choice for a day trip with the kids. Right now you can save over 30% on tickets only at CanadasWonderland.com. Why not try it out while you can save?!

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Cedar Fair Entertainment Company in conjunction with Blog Meets Brand, and I have been compensated for my participation. All opinions are my own.

19 Replies to “Kids Love Canada’s Wonderland”

  1. I have never been to Canadas Wonderland but hope to take our kids someday soon!! It looks like so much fun 🙂

  2. It has been years since I have been to Canada’s Wonderland so I am sure it has changes a lot. Maybe one day we will get to make a trip back to check it out.

  3. I grew up in Ontario so I know exactly what you are talking about!!! My daughter is planning to go AGAIN this summer on our annual trip to visit family. She LOVES it 🙂

  4. I used to love wonderland and I was a massive thrill seeker when I was younger! Now that I have kids I’m chicken lol

  5. OMG this is gonna be so FUN! Taking my youngest on summer vacation to ON and we are heading here. 🙂 Cannot wait! Looks so much fun! I bought tickets online back in Jan and saved 🙂

  6. I’ve never been but it looks fantastic , I’ve gone to the pne in vancover as a kid but not for a long timr

  7. I haven’t been to Canada’s Wonderland since I was a kid. I bet it’s even more awesome now.

  8. I have never been to Canada’s Wonderland but I would love to take my kids oneday soon!!

  9. I too went the very year it opened! Sadly, we moved from Ontario the next year and I have never been back. I have such fond memories of it.

  10. A season pass is the way to go because it’s cheaper to buy at the new season. It looks like you had a great time

  11. This is definitely one of the best canadian attractions! Sadly I’ve never gone but it looks like such fun. And the height requirement bracelets are a nice idea as not to waste time.

  12. My daughter has been asking about Canada’s Wonderland when we pass it on the highway. I think next year will be our first family visit.

  13. My oldest can go in any ride, my youngest and I get sick feeling so we usually are spectators. They like going on the Halloween times. Too spooky for me.

  14. We went to Wonderland about 8 yrs ago whilst visiting a friend in Toronto. The kids loved it but we adults were the only ones shattered at the end of the day 🙂

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