You may not think that doing laundry is a luxury, but there are times when it is. We are currently enjoying a week in a beautiful vacation home courtesy of Global Resort Homes. As expected, the house is gorgeous and spacious. We have a pool, a spa, a games room and five bedrooms, and we are located in an incredible resort. The Windsor Hills resort has a huge pool complete with a water slide, an arcade, a playground and so many more amenities that make it the perfect place to stay. But the washer and dryer in the house may very well be my most appreciated luxury.

2689 Manesty Lane

Packing a family of five (plus Nana!) to make the 28 hour drive to Florida is no small feat. We needed to fit everything into the carrier on the roof of the van so I needed to pack light while still making sure we had everything we need for nearly two weeks in Florida. There is no way I could pack that many clothes, so I packed a few outfits for everyone and then I packed some Tide Pods so that I could wash their clothes at the vacation home, because I knew there was a washer and a dryer there.

The ability to wash our clothes at the house saves me from having to overpack or sit in a laundromat. It ensures that my daughter can wear her favourite shirt more than once during our vacation, and it meant that our sweaty running clothes didn’t stink up our luggage after the runDisney event we participated in on day two of our vacation. It also means that when we pack up to go home, I will be packing clean clothes that I don’t have to spend a day or two washing when we get home. That makes me very happy because I do not like end of vacation laundry!

There are a lot of benefits to staying with Global Resort Homes, but having a washer and dryer at my disposal is definitely a luxury to me.

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  1. Yes! Yes! Yes! Laundry facilities while on vacation are a wonderful thing. Hope you are having an amazing time! Heck who am I kidding, I know you are.

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