Taking a road trip with the kids can be a lot of fun. It’s an affordable way to travel and you can see so much more when you take a trip on the road instead of flying. It’s not something you necessarily want to do when you have an infant, but taking school aged kids on a long road trip is a viable travel option. All it takes is a little planning. Here are some of my tips for taking a long road trip with children.

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  • Make the planning a family affair. Everyone can choose a restaurant or sight to see along the way.
  • Pack healthy snacks in serving size zipper bags or containers for each child. Avoid sugar filled snacks or you will have hyper kids on your hands.
  • Play fun car games like travel bingo, road sign alphabet and I spy.
  • Give each child a journal to write or draw their experiences on the trip.Make pit stops to take care of the drivers too. When you’re fueling up, stop in at Shell’s Java Café – convenient, fresh and quality coffee that’s perfect for parents on a long road trip. With a variety of flavours and condiments available, Java Café can be customized to meet every customer’s unique preferences. In addition, September 15 through to November 9, you can earn five bonus AIR MILES reward miles with every Shell Java Café purchase.
  • Pick up some magnetic board games for the trip.
  • Crayons and pencil crayons are always appreciated. Pack some blank paper and colouring books too!
  • Reading is a great way to pass time. Make sure you pack books that are appropriate for all age groups.
  • Take advantage of electronics! There’s a place for everything, and at the eleventh hour you may need a little peace and quiet. Break out the headphones and let them have some screen time.
  • Give the kids their own maps to follow along on the trip.
  • Let the kids work on their photography skills by giving them cameras to use. It’s fun to see what they decide to photograph.
  • Don’t forget to collect air miles when you stop at Shell. Your road trip can end up earning you rewards.

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221 Replies to “Long Road Trips With Kids Can Be Fun {Giveaway}”

  1. Last time we got a trivia CD and the kids loved it…plus lots of random stops along the road. 24 hrs in a car is a long time.

  2. We make a road trip fun by picking out an audiobook at the library together to listen to, we also play games, and listen to music we enjoy 🙂

  3. We bring CDs, DVDS, lots of snacks and drinks, books and games to make the road trip go by more pleasantly!

  4. I like to take lots of good music so we can sing and if there is fun places to stop along the way I like to do that too,and you always have to have good snacks

  5. We bring lots of good music and food! And so far we have always been able to choose where we are road-tripping, and who with, so of course that helps – we love to pick an adventure and make it happen! And if we see something fun along the way we stop and enjoy it too, even if it wasn’t in the original plan.

  6. I bring snacks and movies. We stop for breaks along the way to let the kids get out and run around. I plan lots of fun and creative stuff to see and do.

  7. We make road trips fun by geocaching along the way! Breaks up the drive & we get to check out some nice spots

  8. Taking kids pillows, having good snacks, letting them get out a few times for air & stopping for lunch at a place they look forward to.

  9. I research the things to do which we may pass on our trip. Stop in rest stops for tips as well! And pack patience. Happy mom = happy kids 🙂

  10. We always make sure to stop quite often and let the kids run around a bit. Also sing alongs and a DVD players are really helpful.

  11. We make a road trip fun by having lots to do. Music, games, snacks, tv, spending time together and stopping at attractions.

  12. When my kids were little, I’d pack each one a bag with surprises…crayons, paper, small games, snacks. They were thrilled to have their own little travel bag to keep them busy.

  13. we have healthy and fun snacks, play I spy games,use tablet for music/games/videos. Bring paper and pencils/pencil crayons for doodling or games. We also stop alot to stretch the legs and see the sights along the way!

  14. We let the kids watch movies on the tablet. We also play games like I Spy and have family sing alongs. Its a lot of fun.

  15. Definitely bring upbeat music, and also make sure to plan ahead so you can’t point out fun or unique scenery/places on the way!

  16. I give my son a snack box with different treats in it and let him pick 1 from Shell when we fill up. We love to stop and see the sights and hubby and I sing.

  17. We make road trips fun by playing car games and following our journey on an old fashioned map-not GPS! We also have snacks and listen to audio books

  18. We have several homemade games that we put together in a bag of fun and keep it in the car for those boring drives long distance.

  19. We make sure to leave time to stop if we some place interesting, and we like to stop at a local restaurant for lunch instead of some chain by the highway.

  20. Portable DVD players, lots of movies, lots of rest stops, stop on the way to see and do cool things we’ve never seen or done before

  21. I keep roadtrips fun by keeping lots of good snacks available and lots of DVDs for the kids to watch.

  22. When my kids were young they traveled with their cousins.The adults took turns with each others’ kids because they kept each other entertained.

  23. We used to take along books on tapes (before cd’s became popular) and play games such as finding certain cars, trucks or signs.

  24. i make road trips fun by spoting different states license plates it is fun as it always keeps us going wow there from new york or mississippi

  25. we make roadtrips fun by doing research before we go, bringing along games that everyone can play and taking turns leading them

  26. We try to find places to stop to either sight-see or have a kind of food that we may not be able to get in our area. It is tough, since our son likes to “just get there” so he would rather not make any stops, even pee stops.

  27. My husband is not a talker when he is driving unless it is in farm country. Then i can point out certain features of farms, etc. If not, I amuse myself by looking for certain landmarks.
    If I am with my daughters, we usually chat and laugh all the way.

  28. We make road trips fun by making lots of stops along the way. We also play card games and listen to radio shows (on CD).

  29. we include listening to some good ole tunes, stopping for breaks to take pics and to grab some snacks and java, we also enjoy a great conversation.

  30. great music, having the car clean and organized in advance, and not stressing about traffic. also having lots of non-messy and healthy snacks handy.

  31. I try to make a road trip fun by listening to music and singing along.I take pictures when we stop to eat and get drinks.I like to also pay attention to interesting things I see and point them out to the family.

  32. We play a lot of games. Looking for different license plates, trying to guess what type of car is passing us.

  33. I always pack juices, granola bars, gum, chips and sannies for those growling tummies. The most imp. thing is always ‘joe’ for the driver so that they stay alert and awake. Cheers.

  34. We always played games when we were on road trips when the kids were young. We played I spy, Bingo looking for things along the road, and I got lots of little prizes for them to play with. My daughters do the same thing with their children now but they also have the convenience of letting the kids watch movies on the trip.

  35. To make a road trip fun we play travel games and a game counting how many cars color are red that are on the highway!

  36. We like to incorporate some fun while travelling – we particularly like word puzzles. I would say to my son – okay how many words can you make out of “Treat” – always fun to mention a word that is forgotten.

  37. We bring a variety of things to entertain our toddler. We will sing songs, and make up games as we go. That brings back so many fond memories from when I was a child on family road trips.

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