Whether it was Disney World, a golden coast of France or an aunt’s summer house, we all cherish our first vacation memories. Different scenery, free time, new friends, mood to explore the surroundings, that feeling of “forever” that we all still carry inside us, are all ingredients of our first family holidays. Greece with its many islands, interchangeable sceneries, warm weather and welcoming people is the perfect place for your children to gain their first holiday memories that will cherish for a lifetime. But with such a variety where should one go?


If you wish to learn more about this country’s long history and go on a sightseeing tour, Athens is the place to go. The Parthenon captivates its visitors of all ages and drives them to learn more about democracy and freedom. While in Athens visit the National Archaeological Museum and the Acropolis Museum and don’t forget to take your kids to see the change of the Presidential Guard ceremony. t is conducted in front of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier on the area between the Syntagma Square and Parliament building every hour and on most Sundays days, a ceremonial changing of the guard occurs with an army band and the majority of the 120 Evzones takes place at 11 am. After that you can visit the National Gardens, right next to the Greek Parliament, where children can play in the immense park, feed the ducks and you get to relax in a pleasant and cool atmosphere.

Although Athens has a lot to see, Greece is all about sea and beach life; again the option are endless. Families should better avoid picturesque, but party islands, such as the Cyclades and opt for the capital, Crete, Dodecanese or the Ionians. Probably the most popular place to visit would be Crete. The largest of the Greek islands offers great weather, full range of family activities and friendly atmosphere. The island’s subtropical Mediterranean climate along with its geographical location, diverse natural beauty and unique cultural and historical treasures has favored its development as an ideal travel destination from April to late October for families and individuals. Cretan seaside villages offer traditional cuisine and sandy beaches just half an hour away from historic monuments like the Minoan Palace, providing the right amount of leisure and education while on holidays. Hotels like Candia Park, take this concept one step further, by providing pedagogical activities adapted to the cognitive, emotional and social stage of children up to 12 years old, making young guests have fun but learn at the same time.


If you’re looking for something more intimate and relaxing that still remains true to the Greek spirit, Corfu could be the place to go. Most famous for its crystal clear waters and sandy beaches, Corfu – the Queen of the Ionian Sea – combines beauty, splendure, long history and fun activities in an easy to visit package, even for large families. Avoid booking in the town of Corfu, as the rates are higher and the town’s beach isn’t really on par with the others, like in Agios Stefanos or Roda. Unwind and get tanned while you let your children have fun on the beach with their new summer friends in a friendly hotel such as DelfinoBlu. Do not forget to visit the Achelion and the Pontikonisi, both a short driving distance away.

However, your perfect vacation to Greece cannot be contained or even documented within an article. Avoid unnecessary trouble and trust the expertise of Keytours to plan your dream trip to the small Mediterranean country, where, after discussing your specific needs and wishes, you’ll get your custom and unique holidays that will fill you with happy memories of fun, family moments.

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  1. You got my attention on Twitter with your post about “making memories in Greece”. We travelled there for 2 glorious weeks in June of 2012, right in the middle of the economic strife (they voted in their new government the day we came back home) My 10 year old daughter (she was 8 then) adored the country and the holiday and can’t wait to go back. My 16 year old, not so much at the time because she was missing her friends. But now, she kicks herself for not “being” there when she was there. Santorini was by far our favourite but that’s where we spent the most time. Athens, I loved for the history and soooo much to see and learn about. Crete was where we spent the least amount of time unfortunately so that’s on the top of the list for the next visit. I could go on all day about Greece as you can see so I’ll stop now. Thank you for posting your pictures, they are beautiful!

  2. Thank you for your concise and extensive overview of the best areas to visit in Greece through Keytours. Thank you for your scenic and beautiful photos and the better places to visit as a family. I’m sure this post will be of great value to families who plan on visiting Greece in the futurel

  3. Oh, Greece was so amazing (went there many years ago) – thank you for your post, it brought back such incredible memories! 🙂

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