Disneyland Resorts includes Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventures. Kellen and I decided to head to Disney California Adventures first, because we wanted to get a Fast Pass for the new Radiator Springs ride. We went straight to Cars Land and got in line for a Fast Pass, but unfortunately they ran out when we were about ten people away from getting them.

We decided to get in line to go on the ride anyway,  but the wait was already at 100 minutes, so we took off to find some other fun things in the park. Cars Land is so cute. We saw Tow Mater driving around, and we walked down Route 66. We watched the cars race on the Radiator Springs ride, saw Tow Mater touring the park, and Kellen had his picture taken with a very special fire truck.


Then we moved on to Paradise Pier where we went on some fun rides and enjoyed a little snack in a shaded dining area. There were some of the Disney cast performing nearby, so that was fun to watch as well. When we started walking again, we were treated to this water symphony.

In A Bug’s Life we saw a fantastic show with bugs, and I only got a little squeamish when big spiders dropped from the ceiling (I’m lying…I totally closed my eyes and hyperventilated until they were gone). We went on a ride with spinning lady bugs, and then had fun smashing into other drivers on the bumper cars.

We beat the heat  by watching a live performance of Aladdin that was just incredible. The Genie was hilarious and he completely stole the show. It was a musical, just like the movie, and they were all great at their musical performances.

Kellen’s favourite ride was the Star Tours in Disneyland Park. We got a Fast Pass for it, so we didn’t have to stand in line forever, and the 4D experience was awesome. Kellen was thrilled to be so close to the “real” C-3PO! It is a fantastic experience for little kids to adults, and one of the highlights for us. We also came across some other Star Wars characters in the park.

We also had a chance to ride a huge Mickey wheel, submerge in a submarine, visit a futuristic home, watch a parade and we picked up a couple of souvenirs to take home to the rest of the family. It was a great day at Disneyland!


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  1. I’m am so jealous that you got to see Cars Land! I wrote about it back in June when they were still building it and I can’t wait to get to see it up close! I’m pretty sure I am more excited than my kids are about it but that’s something I am coming to terms with 😀

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