My childhood summers didn’t contain week long vacations to far away places. There were no extensive road trips and we didn’t go camping. My parents were middle class working people who had a family to raise and that didn’t include those kinds of trips, but we did enjoy our summers. Day trips were a regular part of our summer holidays and I looked forward to them, especially the annual trip to Canada’s Wonderland.

I have several great memories from Canada’s Wonderland. It is where I rode my first roller coaster. I remember watching my baby brother sleep on my mother’s shoulder after a long day of fun at the park. There are many great day trips to Wonderland in the following years too, but nine years after my brother’s first visit, I took him to Canada’s Wonderland for a brother/sister day of fun. It was always exciting to take part in a group trip to Wonderland and going with a couple of friends was a highlight of my teen years. Canada’s Wonderland was the place to go in the summertime!

My daughter at Wonderland in 2012

My oldest son and I continued the tradition and returned to Wonderland year after year. He didn’t like the big rides but we had fun on the smaller rides, going to the shows and staying until closing to see the fireworks. Many years later, my second son rode his first roller coaster at Canada’s Wonderland, as did his sister a couple of years later. With the addition of Splash Works came a whole new level of fun at Wonderland, and it became the place that my children prefer to go when we visit the park. It is a great way to cool off after hitting the rides all morning!

My daughter and I at Wonderland in 2016

Today Canada’s Wonderland has advanced past rides, the waterpark and shows. They offer special events, culinary experiences and holiday celebrations as well, like the Canada 150 Celebration they had in July.

The following are special events and activities taking place at Canada’s Wonderland all summer long:

  • Parkour Freestyle International Showplace, Daily July 28 to August 15: This high-flying professional stunt team will display their awe-inspiring Parkour skills as they leap, vault and catapult their way through this high-energy, gravity defying show!
  • Chinese Acrobatic Show, International Showplace Daily, August 17 to September 4: The Chinese acrobats will display their amazing displays of contortion, flexibility and control as they push the envelope of human possibility with astonishing juggling dexterity and incredible balancing feats.
  • KidZfest, KidZville, July 31 – August 6: Join us for a special celebration just for kids, at KidZfest! Live entertainment, foam pits, and MARVEL© Superheroes will take over KidZville for the entire week!
  • Taste of Greece, Action Zone, August 19 & 20: Opa! It’s Canada’s Wonderland’s 2nd annual Taste of Greece Festival! From kebobs to signature desserts, we are bringing classic tastes of the Mediterranean! Enjoy a myriad of Greek dishes, music, and street entertainment.
  • Taste of Italy, Action Zone, August 26 & 27: Canada’s Wonderland’s 2nd annual Taste of Italy Festival lets you enjoy all of your favourite authentic Italian dishes, from pizza to pasta and everything in-between. Foodies will be serenaded with Italian music as they indulge!
  • Food Truck Festival, Action Zone, September 2 & 3: If you love food trucks, you’ll love this festival rolling into Canada’s Wonderland this summer. The park’s Food Truck Festival will feature local food trucks from the Greater Toronto Area, offering Park guests a uniquely delicious culinary experience!


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