When my husband suggested that I choose something to do on Mother’s Day, I knew what I wanted … a family day at the Zoo. I like the Zoo and we haven’t been in a couple of years, so it seemed like a good way to spend my Mother’s Day. The pandas are currently at the Toronto Zoo, which was another reason I really wanted to visit.

Before seeing the pandas, we hopped on the Zoomobile and took a ride around the zoo. I caught a great shot of these ponies while they were grazing.

ponies grazing

Then we made our way to the panda exhibit. They have a huge room filled with education and interactive tools for the kids and adults to learn more about panda bears. We learned that they eat a lot, and that was evident when we finally made our way outside to get a look of this hungry panda. She was really enjoying her bamboo.

panda bear

panda bear

Panda bear eating

She is beautiful and I’m glad we had a chance to see her. The pandas aren’t the only bears you will find at the Zoo. Grizzly bears are in the Canadian pavilion and there are some gorgeous polar bears and a polar bear cub as well. This big bear was having fun rolling around in the grass.

polar bear playing in grass

My youngest was anxious to see the hippos, and he was not disappointed. There were two of them making their way around their enclosure before heading under water. They are massive creatures that the kids always love to see, especially when they are passing gas under water…my boys think that’s great, lol.


The reptiles at the zoo are pretty incredible too. We saw a boa constrictor that must have been ten feet long (I’m guessing, but I doubt I’m far off) and so many smaller snakes too. These two captivated me with their gorgeous green and yellow hues and the way they hung beside each other.

green snakes

The Toronto Zoo houses many animals, birds and reptiles, but it also is home to all kinds of plants and flowers. There are some new gardens opening soon too.


The strangest creatures I came across at the Zoo may have actually arrived there with me.


So how did you spend your Mother’s Day?

12 Replies to “Mother’s Day at the Toronto Zoo”

  1. What a wonderful way to spend Mother’s Day! I love the zoo and conservatories. I’m assuming by the fabulous pictures & happy faces the zoo was an excellent choice!!

  2. You take great photos! fyi 🙂 What a fun day. A day at the zoo is always a good thing!

  3. Great photos! My little one loves bears so I think she would love to visit this zoo.. polar bears and panda bears!

  4. Unfortunately, I was on call on Mother’s Day but I did enjoy a disturbance-free nap in the afternoon! The zoo would have been much more amusing!

  5. We spent the day at the Toronto Zoo too! It’s tradition and every Mother’s Day for the past 4 years has been spent walking around the zoo! My girls especially loved seeing all the new(ish) babies! The giraffe, polar bear, the zebras and of course the new baby gorilla!

    1. The mama Gorilla was nursing her baby so I couldn’t get a good look, but that was pretty precious anyway.

  6. It has been many years since hubby and I have visited the Toronto Zoo. My son and family went last year and he said he was exhausted from all the walking, the kids were fine they were in strollers

  7. I can see why you and your family love the zoo. I love animals too and we used to take our children to petting zoos when they were much younger.
    As for the snakes, I cannot resist saying the picture of them gives a new meaning for ‘hangin’ around.’

  8. OMG,your photo’s are amazing i have never been to the Zoo would love to someday.I bet the Panda exhibit like everything else was amazing.Thanks for sharing !

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