Each summer parents across the country label clothing, pack bags and kiss their children goodbye before sending them off to camp. For children this means they are escaping to a place full of friends, fun activities, great meals and evening campfires. For parents it means back to life as usual, albeit in a quieter house. Meals still need to be prepared, laundry must still be washed and all the while they are checking the mail obsessively for that coveted letter from camp. So when do parents get their escape? Surely it’s not on the two hour drive to the beach, or on the weekend tenting trip while cooking over an open fire. Mount Snow has found the answer with their Family Camp, the ultimate summer camp for families.

Mount Snow knew what they were doing when they developed this family camp. Rather than crowd families into cabins or trailers, they are set up in condominiums that have all of the comforts of home, with none of the responsibilities. A short walk from the condos brings you to the Sundance Base Lodge, the central hub of Family Camp. At Sundance you will find coffee, drinks and snacks at any time of the day, and also eager camp counselors who will entertain the kids at a moment’s notice. Each camper is fitted for his/her own mountain bike which is kept at Sundance to be ridden whenever the spirit moves you. The Sundance Base Lodge also hosts ping pong tables, board games, hula hoops, their own movie theatre and all of the equipment needed for any outdoor summer sport you can imagine. Boredom does not exist at Mount Snow Family Camp!


There is no limit to the spontaneous activities available at family camp, and the organized activities are plentiful as well. Each morning there are separate programs for the children and adults. All activities are completely voluntary and include things such as mountain biking, woodland hikes, yoga, aquafit, mountain hikes, field games, arts and crafts and even a shopping trip in a nearby town. In the afternoons you can take advantage of exciting activities planned for the whole family. Trips to nearby Lake Whitingham offer opportunities to swim at the beach, enjoy a relaxing boat ride and get your thrills by tubing behind the boat. Zoar Outdoor provides campers with an afternoon of kayaking and paddleboarding lessons that they are sure to remember for years to come.

tubing 2

A full day of adventure is provided to the Mount Snow Family Campers when they visit Ramblewild. Ramblewild is an aerial adventure course in the Berkshire wood that features trails and obstacles for both beginners and experienced adventurers. The less adventurous and families with young children can go along to watch the excitement at Ramblewild, or they can stay back at camp and enjoy many of the amenities available to Mount Snow guests.

Mount Snow offers a full spa that family campers can access at a discount, and a driving range and golf course that is free to family campers. You can take advantage of the golf pros to get some pointers on the greens, and the kids can take a junior course as well. The indoor and outdoor swimming pools are refreshing after a hot day on the tennis courts or a hike in the mountains.


Since Mount Snow is a Ski Resort in the winter months, they are well equipped with chairlifts that will take you to the summit. Serious mountain bikers can ride up with their bikes on some of the chairlifts too! For those who want a scenic ride to the summit, I recommend the Bluebird Express. It is the only lift of its kind in North America and it can be found right at Mount Snow. Family Campers are treated to free “ride all day” passes for the lift on the days it is operational. It is a beautiful ride up to the summit where you can find the Summit Lodge and spectacular views of Vermont and New York.

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The more determined campers can choose one of the hiking trails that will lead you to the summit, and get there on their own volition. A good pair of hiking shoes and a bottle of water is recommended, and the hike can be completed in about two hours. Grab a chairlift pass before you go and you can ride back down, or fill up your water bottle at the Summit Lodge before starting the hike back down. There are washrooms at the Summit Lodge but nowhere else along the trails. However you make it to the summit, the view is serene and you can even get a look at Lake Whitingham where the campers enjoy many of their water activities through the week.


Parents get to truly relax at Mount Snow Family Camp by taking advantage of the camp counselors who are ready to supervise the kids, and also by enjoying a week’s worth of healthy meals without ever lifting a finger to make them. A hot buffet breakfast, a boxed lunch and a full course meal with a variety of options is served each day at the family table. Dietary restrictions are catered to and the kitchen staff is as accommodating as the rest of the Family Camp team.

As the week comes to a close, instead of finishing a long day of work and traveling to pick the kids up, families give teary goodbyes to each other and the camp staff and leave Mount Snow feeling rejuvenated and reconnected with one another. It is the ideal family vacation and one that this writer intends to repeat annually.

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Mount Snow Family Camp is located at beautiful Mount Snow in West Dover, Vermont. It is an opportunity to unplug and reconnect with the family. Running for ten weeks each summer, Mount Snow Family Camp is the perfect getaway for your family. Campers can register for 3, 4 or 7 night stays by visiting their website at http://mountsnow.com/family-camp/ or by calling 1-800-290-1823. Registration is now open for the 2015 season.