kellen with cotton candyWhen you have more than two children the cost of travel jumps quite a bit. Most hotels will require you to have two rooms or a suite; the cost of flying starts to get out of reach and even dining out gets expensive. An affordable option is to travel with the children one on one. There are obvious downfalls to doing this: the whole family isn’t spending time together, they don’t all get to go to the same places and you have to decide who gets to go where, but there are some big advantages as well, aside from the money you save.

I have been traveling with my children individually for a few years now and I feel like the benefits far outweigh the negatives. Having individual time with each child has helped me get to know them a lot better. Being in a house with four kids doesn’t allow for a lot of one of one chats so I’ve really enjoyed listening to them when they have the floor, uninterrupted.

barbie tea partyWhen I’m away with one of the children they get a level of indulgence that they are unaccustomed to. Traveling with five or six means we won’t buy souvenirs or dine out often, because it just becomes too expensive, but when there are just two of you these things become possible. A giant cup of cotton candy is not something I would ever offer to all of my children, they would fight over it and it could turn into an all our brawl in the restaurant…but for one of them, why not?

griffin chili peppersChoosing your daily activities is much easier with just one child along. My children rarely agree on what they would like to do! On a one on one trip they can each do the things that they really love. My daughter and I went on a cruise where there were several Barbie activities planned, including a Barbie Tea Party. She was in Heaven! I know my boys would not have been as excited about that.

Taking the kids on trips individually can help them to spread their wings a little bit too. My youngest has a tendency to step back and let his siblings try things while he watches, but when he was away with me on his own he took a turn peeling hot chili peppers, sculpted in clay and rode in a hot air balloon.

Taking these trips has created some amazing memories with each of the kids, and they all talk about how fun it will be to share their vacation spots with the rest of the family. It’s also an affordable way to figure out the places that are worth revisiting with the whole family.

Do you do one on one trips with the kids?